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Apr 10, 2013 09:41 AM

Marlboro or Hudson?

Where do you guy go for a casual, decent bite to eat for lunch or even dinner (Without going to the other Boroughs)? My favorite places so far are Labareda's Brazilian BBQ, La Tapatia, Feng Japanese - anything else along those lines?

Am aware of places listed in the below thread and am looking for a spot more casual than a Fish or an Allora. Have also done Pruller, Brad's Deli, Nick's Roast Beef. Haven't tried Chloe, are there any other suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Rail Trail Pizza in Hudson? Quite the oven they built.
    Horseshoe Pub has a great beer selection if that's a plus. Passable pub food.

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      Horseshoe is passable bar food. Interesting beer selection, though. They usually have a cask ale selection as well.

    2. Hi - I have to second Rail Trail Flatbread in downtown Hudson. I visited it for lunch several weeks ago and the sausage pizza was quite good with a very, very, thin crispy crust. They also had a few interesting looking appetizers and salads. I really like La Tapatia, but you already have that.

      There is a Japanese place in the same Marlboro strip mall on Boston Post Road as Five Guys, but I haven't tried it. I have tried the Indian place in that same strip mall and the lunch buffet is a decent deal. The usual offerings, but they keep the food fresh and hot.

      If you are craving pub food, Kennedy's Pub not too far from downtown Marlboro is an option. I would keep my expectations basic and stick to burgers, sandwiches, etc.

      Also of interest might be Madrid European Bakery on Boston Post Road near the Marlboro/Sudbury Line.

      To ask you a question, what did you think of Feng? I haven't gone there yet but am interested.

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        I've been to the Japanese place you mention, it's called Japan One. It's not bad. They do a lunch deal of 2 maki rolls and soup or salad which I like. Its not a bad choice in the area.

      2. Thanks everyone for the quick feedback. No, I haven't tried Rail Trail Flatbread - sounds like it's worth a stop! Kat - Feng is a pretty decent Japanese choice. The location is odd, and right next to a Honeydew Donuts, but the sushi rolls are decent and I've also had their yaki udons. Good dine-in and takeout choice, and it has nice decor inside too.

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        1. I just went to La Tapatia for lunch today. Thanks for pointing it out. It was really good! Particularly the dorados tacos with poblano filling. Yum!!

          1. Went to Bolton Street Grill this week (the old Piccadilly Pub). Service for an early lunch was dreadfully slow. Food was okay, nothing to rush over for. Nice view by the windows overlooking water.