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Apr 10, 2013 09:26 AM

spain breakfasts

Hi. Will be in Spain for 8 days (Madrid and Sevilla) in late May. If lunch isn't until 2, what do we do for breakfast? I hear that a piece of toast and coffee is the typical breakfast. Our apartment in Sevilla is in the Arenal and we are near Calle Cava Baja in Madrid. Will we find spots to grab a tortilla sandwhich or ham sandwhich for breakfast? Thanks

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  1. There are plenty of bars, cafés (cafeterias), pastry shops(pastelerias) and restaurants offering breakfast. You should have no trouble finding one. There's something on every corner.

    1. While a piece of toast (I love the tostadas with tomato and olive oil...) a pastry or churros are common for an early breakfast, there's also the tradition of "almuerzo" or the second breakfast at mid morning for hungrier types. Don't worry, almost all cafe bars have tortilla and other sandwiches (bocadillos and sandwich mixtos) and you can always ask for a plate of cheese or ham at any bar.

      1. I had toasts and sandwiches for breakfasts, simple, delicious and everywhere. One memorable bfast spot is Bodeguita Casablanca (opposite the Cathedral) in Seville. This bustling spot has no English menu, but its easy to point and order. Great tostadas and bocadillo to start the day!

        1. We had an apartment while visiting Barcelona last year. We generally had breakfast in the apartment. We don't like eating three meals a day out.