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Apr 10, 2013 08:11 AM

Any recs for lunch, Locust Valley?

For tomorrow, actually. Something not too heavy, and no Italian, please. My guest doesn't eat sushi, so a place that focuses on that is out.

Is the Brass Rail open for lunch? I don't see hours posted on their site.

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      1. re: EM23

        Thanks. Confusingly, the only menu on the site is labeled "dinner."

        1. re: Scott_R

          You are welcome. I think they only have the one menu, yes confusing. And why they don't have the hours listed on the web page is anybodys guess, but my last two meals at BR were weekday lunches.

          1. re: EM23

            Same prices/portions for lunch? It's looking a bit heavy.

            1. re: Scott_R

              They have small plates. Same menu lunch and dinner. There are salads and sandwiches.

      2. Ended up going a bit out of the way for a very nice lunch at MP Taverna.

        1. Finally made it to Brass Rail. Had a very good shrimp cocktail to start--though how many ways are there that you can mess up what's basically plain, cooked shrimp? Which begs the question of why it took about a half-hour to get them--there were only two other occupied tables when we ordered.

          My guest had the Sirloin Burger Au Poivre, and pronounced it a good if unremarkable burger.

          I had the steak and eggs, asking for the steak to be medium-rare and the eggs over easy.

          The steak--sirloin, I think--was more rare than medium-rare, but that's OK; it was pretty good. The eggs were OTOH were thoroughly overcooked: over-hard. When the waiter came over and asked how things were, I mentioned the eggs.

          He apologized and brought me an over-easy egg with the chef's apologies. I'll emphasize: they gave me *one* over-easy egg. So, I left the three overcooked eggs and ate the one properly cooked one. A bit parsimonious, I think.

          I don't know if I should judge a place from one experience, but this wasn't auspicious.

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          1. re: Scott_R

            That is kind of strange. Hopefully it was just an off day.