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Apr 10, 2013 07:55 AM

Vegetarians Visiting Seattle

My husband and I are heading to Seattle for a foodie/booze filled weekend. Looking for any suggestions on places to try. On our short list is Tilth and Sitka and Spruce. The only caveat is no meat for either of us.

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  1. Kedai Makan has some meatless options, it's traditional SE Asian though so you might want to doublecheck on Nom Pla/sambal udang usage. It's right next door to Montana, which has some kickass draft cocktails and horrible horrible picklebacks (that's a joke, I know a lot of people love them).

    1. Also, it might help to know where you're staying/ if you'll have a car, since public transportation in Seattle is... adequate but not the most convenient.

      1. Does meat include seafood/shellfish and/or eggs?

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        1. re: venice4504

          We do not eat meat. But we do eat shellfish/fish/dairy/eggs

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            Do you mean you DON'T eat "meat/shellfish and eggs"? On top you said no meat so with your latest post I'm wondering if you mistyped.

            If you meant to say no meat but yes shellfish, that would lead to another set of recommendations--I'd search old threads for recommendations on oyster houses and seafood.

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              I wish this question had been answered, as i am likewise confused.

              But I would certainly consider the Portage Bay Cafe:


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              If you eat fish, almost any menu in Seattle will offer you good choices. You haven't really narrowed the "best restaurant" question very much.

              I'll give a shout out to The Whale Wins in Fremont, which had great fish selections the last time I visited.

              For fully veg places, I think Carmelita is the best of the lot. I've never understood the fondness for Cafe Flora, much less Sutra's cult-like following. On the East side there's good South Indian veg at Mayuri and Udupi.

          2. I have friends who have said that dinner at Sutra was one of the best meals of their lives. Never got around to trying it myself, tho'.

            Other typical recommendations for vegetarians/vegans include Cafe Flora (I've had some REALLY good things there and some just ok things) and Plum Bistro.

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              Sutra is fantastic and I'm not even a vegetarian. Very creative, fresh food in an intimate environment. It's not exactly cheap but I think it's well worth the money.

            2. Poppy has good veggie options. See

              La Medusa and Altura have both had good fish and/or veggie options when I have been.

              There's not a lot of meat in Japanese cuisine, so even if sushi isn't your thing, good japanese places have a lot to offer. My favorite is Tsukushinbo, but unless you have reservation or come in at an off time, expect a wait. Kisaku and Mashiko both also very good sushi-focused places. Maneki good and has more non-sushi options.

              Tamarind Tree is great for vietnamese food that breaks out of the pho/bun mold.