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Cake recommendations?

Looking for a cake for a wedding, but don't need an actual wedding cake. I.e. we don't care about having a fancy multi-tiered wedding cake, just a small one we can cut into together for ceremonial purposes and eat ourselves later. We'll feed our guests other desserts. Anyone have recommendations for small, super delicious cakes? I don't think we're particular about type or flavor. Just one that's not too sweet and isn't overloaded with frosting. Also trying to avoid traditional wedding cake bakeries since markups on wedding stuff tends to be ridiculous. Maybe one from Susie Cakes? Or an asian bakery?

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  1. If the East Bay isn't too far afield, Katrina Rozelle, Masse's, or (my personal favorite--and her East European style would make them the least trad in the wedding arena) Crixa Cakes would all do a lovely job--delicious (underscored), not too sweet, not overloaded w/ frosting.

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        I'd agree with Crixa, as long as you stay with the rustic-type cakes, and not the ones in the refrigerator case.

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            I love both Masse's and Crixa's cakes. They are both stellar at their craft.

            I don't know about Crixa, but Masse's accomodated a special request to modify one of their cakes for us. Chocolate hazelnut ganache... It was a beauty, and incredibly delicious.

          2. Came here to recommend Crixa and see I'm not the first one...

            1. Susie Cakes makes overly sweet cakes in my opinion.

              I would suggest a Princess Cake (Victoria, Schuberts, or Fillmore) even though you're trying to avoid anything traditional, they're reasonable.

              Stella Bakery makes some classic whip cream cakes. something old fashioned like a St. Honore might be more traditional, but at least it's not a 4 tier dollhouse purse shaped cake.

              Going even more non-traditional, the hybrid ice cream cakes from Bi-Rite or Humphrey Slocombe could be interesting, unless you plan on displaying the cake.

              Chili's pies is now making cakes that look and sound good, as an alternative to Susie Cakes.

              One really cheap place for a nice classic sheet cake is Sunset Bakery (it's Asian owned, but it's standard cake). Dianda's is probably another good place for a good price.

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                A princess cake might work well, it looks like a fancy frosted cake but it's all marzipan, pastry cream, and whipped cream.

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                  Schubert's makes great sheet and round cakes which they'll decorate with beautiful chocolate flowers upon request, no extra charge. I think they give the most bang for the buck of the bakeries mentioned. But if taste is truly what you're after, b. patisserie is making the most delicious things these days. From a looks standpoint, Craftsmen & Wolves, is doing some very inventive things.

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                    I love C&W but so far mostly the breads and muffins more than the fancy, pricy, creamy things in the refrigerated cases. What cakes have you liked there.

                    Schubert's Princess case is lovely.