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cooking show help

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Hi anyone know anyone who does cooking shows.? Looking for someone to do one for fish. Send me an email mjschonfeld@gmail.com or post thanks a million guys

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    1. Do you mean a cooking show, or a cooking CLASS? A show is generally something broadcast on television.

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      1. Levana does them. You can find her through her website.

          1. Not sure of the price point you are considering, but you can try Manna Catering (out of Long Island City). The owner/chef does private lessons as well.

            1. There is a cooking studio at the Jewish Community Center on 76th Street in Manhattan that is all kosher with separate equipment for meat and dairy.

              1. If you are looking for a private cooking demonstration rather than a class you go to, you can find someone online to come to you. We did that last year for my mother's birthday. We explained to them our issues and what kosher meant, and she was very accommodating. The two issues we had were explaining ingredients (she ended up purchasing fresh ingredients -- fruits, veggies, and fish, while we were responsible for items that needed a hecksher) and that she couldn't bring her knives or other equipment. All in all it was nice.