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Apr 10, 2013 07:26 AM

Chitterlings & Hog Maws: East 12th Kafe

The special on New Year's Eve was Chitterlings and Hog Maws. We apparently ALL missed it. I could find no mention of this place here and share in the collective lame-ness. Finally went this Monday. I got the 5 pc fried catfish, collards, and black eyed peas. The large pieces of fish were hot, crispy, lightly cornmeal breaded, a smidgen overcooked but in good oil. This catfish tops all in Austin for me except Southern Hospitality. Slightly greasier than SoHo's, but probably from the 30 seconds extra in the fryer. The sides separate this place from Fred's at SoHo. The collards and black-eyed peas were chock full of ham hock. Best b-eyed peas I've had in Austin, and second best collards (After Ruby's). Not on the menu are daily specials (oxtail stew, meatloaf, chix-n-dumplins, pork chops, etc.) and they make scratch deserts (peach cobbler, banana pudding, sweet potato pie, buttermilk chess pie). This place is a winner. Warning, go early - they run out of stuff fast at the noon rush. 2nd warning, I'm embarrassed that I ate the entire 5 pc dinner to the crumb. It's a massive amt of fish. The three piece meal would be more than plenty.

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  1. update, went back today for the catfish (twice in three days) and I'm sold, it was perfect, the new best in town for me. Chef Rebecca is a warm bubbly lady that insisted I try her oxtail stew. I was stuffed but obliged. melt in your mouth. This is probably the best soul food going in Austin right now. I highly recommend folks try it. My buddy got the chicken fried chicken and it was a massive delicious chunk that he said would be hard not to get again. my other dining buddy agreed, some of the best collards you can get around here.

    1. Thanks for the report. That's the one thing I wish Southern Hospitality would do differently. The vegetarian sides just don't do it for me, although their catfish is phenomenal.

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        yeah they brag at SoHo about the sides being no animal product but it's a misguided strategy IMO. The stars of the menu are animal based and what free thinking vegan would step foot in there for those bland veggies? put some bacon in that cabbage, those beans, and butter it up. i'm there twice a month, and its solely 'cuz the fish is stellar. but the sides limit their success. I'm sure Fred knows the real deal on savory veggies, etc. he's just not busting it full on out yet.