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Apr 10, 2013 07:18 AM


I don't read anything about Andina on yelp or chowhound, but on it's one of the best...
what's the deal?

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  1. Like many 'older' restaurants in town, they are just quietly rocking it out and doing their thing. You don't often hear about Basta's or Wildwood or Higgins either.

    I love Basta's, and they are always crowded...but Marco's new place, Cibo, on SE Division, is the one you hear about. It's OK, but I like Basta's better...

    Some places are into PR and events and getting into magazines and being a part of the buzz...others, like Andina IMO, just quietly do their thing. It's almost always packed, it seems, so they are doing OK.

    1. Andina is consistently one of the busiest spots in the city for good reason as they serve delicious Peruvian food with very above average service IMO. That said, it is is crowded and noisy which at times can be a deterrent for me.

      I would look here for more...

      922 reviews at 4.5 stars on Yelp seems like a pretty decent sample size.