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Bulk Fried Chicken Prices

I'm in charge of food for a baby shower next month and the theme is hot air balloons and the food will be picnic themed.

Toying with either making fried chicken (ad hoc recipe) or buying it. Anyone have a good gauge of the bulk pricing at the local grocery stores or chicken joints? Looking at 30+ people so probably 60-75 pieces of chicken.

Trying to figure out which is more economical although I imagine making Ad Hoc chicken will be tastiest although time consuming. Shower is in San Gabriel area... Thanks in advance!

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  1. You don't want to do it on your own.... the price and harzard of dealing with the oil won't save you any money.

    Most supermarkets sell their deli fried chicken in bulk. Another option is Yum Cha Cafe. They do a BIG bulk business and they make a tasty fried chicken.


    1. Unless you have a deep fryer and some restaurant-quality ventilation system, I would not do it at home. The oil will coat every surface of your kitchen and most likely a good portion of your home.

      If you like the fried chicken from any restaurant or supermarket, ask the manager/owner how much they'll charge. I'm sure they'll give you a bulk discount.

      1. Chicken Box in West Covina will do that amount within an hours notice. Juicy broasted chicken. Or maybe if you ask real nice they will let you use their fryers since they have a whole bunch.

        1. Jim Dandy is cheap and deliciously hood.

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            Last time I was there an exotic dancer was passing out business cards. Chicken is juicy and love their corn fritter even though they only have like one kernel of corn in it.

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              I also loved those corn fritters, though I was pleasantly surprised with the powdered sugar coating. Made it almost a dessert.

              Jim Dandy's is really good chicken, while it is take-out only and not in the most convenient locale (though not unreasonably far from the SGV). Their prices are very reasonable. I liked the dark meat, but their breasts were extraordinary, crisp but wonderfully juicy. I would call beforehand to make sure they can handle your order in a timely fashion, work out the sides (be sure to get lots of those corn fritters), and packaging. Their combos, which I know come with 12 pieces (at least) plus sides, will be comparable with Albertson's (which is chicken alone) and probably better.

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                Yeah, like fresh powdered sugar donuts right out the fryer. I mean the fried chicken is juicy and crispy but the corn fritters keep me coming back.

          2. If you still have an Albertsons near you, they do a pretty decent fried chicken and sell in bulk. We got it last year for a company lunch and 200 white and dark pieces cost us about $130. Can't beat that.

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              Albertson's market on Las Tunas in SG made fantastic fried chicken, but I have not been in 5 years. That particular store made better fried chicken than other local Alb's, and I tried them all back then. They have bulk deals which were really cheap. Currant reconniassance would be required(& perhaps delicious).

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                That Albertsons is now a 168 Market.

            2. Albertsons. I suggest you try the chicken from the store you would be ordering from to be sure it's to your liking. There may be minor differences from store to store.

              1. my benchmark is tues/thurs @ popeyes, $1 for 1 drumstick and 1 thigh.

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                  The last time I hit Popeye's for its 2-piece special, the price had increased from $1.00 to $1.29, This was at the Reseda location on January 29 -- they said that it was the first day of the price increase. I had 6 pieces for a little over $4 -- still a bargain!

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                    still .99 @ Hollywood Way/Verdugo, but you're absolutely right still a deal.

                    I eat it a-frame style with ranch/blue cheese + lemon + hot sauce, except at 1/10th of the price.

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                      the thing that cheeses me off about popeye's is the hassle of trying to read all the signs and figure out which is the best deal.

                      i mean, there's a zillion square inches of signage in the joint, and it's hard to take it all in. more than once i've been burned by buying something, and then seeing a sign that says i could have saved money and gotten more stuff.

                      then again, maybe it's hashem telling me not to be such a glutton.

                      1. re: linus

                        yeah that's why I only go on tues/thurs when I know there's only one thing to get, the 2 piece combo. Although I'm a sucker for their cajun fries.

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                          The Reseda location also had a Breast/Wing Special for $1.79 as well as the Drumstick/Thigh Special for $1.29.

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                        Thanks, ns1, will have to try the Hollywood Way/Verdugo location when I'm in the neighborhood.

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                          I thought the 2-piece special was Tues only, not Thur. Popeye's national advertising has been publicizing the increased price of $1.29. I've never seen a white piece breast/wing upgrade at my location, but next time I'll ask.

                          Popeye's is the best of the fast food chicken. Very crispy, big pieces.

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                            Hollywood Way/Verdugo is Tues/Thurs. YMMV.

                  2. How about Pioneer? Havent had it since I was a kid, but remember it was pretty good. Best was Ambers in the day.

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                      SO bought a bucket a few years back, saying the same thing: it was good back in the day.

                      Well let me tell yah, it's not good now.

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                        A bit heavy-handed w/ the batter, but it's still solid actually (haven't had it in over a decade before last year).

                      2. I'd recommend Louisiana Fried Chicken in Pasadena, on north Lake Street. Reasonable prices, great fried chicken, and excellent service level. Their ratio of cost/deliciousness is terrific, even when not buying in quantity, and it's not far from San Gabriel. They have a catering menu, though I'm only there for smaller quantities at lunch, so I haven't partaken of their catering.