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Apr 10, 2013 05:53 AM

Annapolis dinner for a group

Hi, Hounds!

I'm hoping to organize a pre-wedding welcome dinner for 12 people. The venue shouldn't be too loud, since grandparents will be with us, and be easily accessible by the downtown trolley or have parking.

Ideally, we'd love to go somewhere that's not an Irish bar/pub and will welcome any other cuisine suggestions.


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  1. Osteria 177 is a great Italian restaurant right on Main Street. Should work great. Most places in the Main St. area don't fit your 'too loud' requirement, nor are frankly worth it. You could also try Cafe Normandie for French. Both very good.

    1. I've had very good experiences with group dinners at Carol's Creek. They have some small private rooms (although probably not necessary for 12 people), and it sounds like the perfect atmosphere. And for the food, I highly recommend their scallops.

        1. Look at Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen, located right off the circle on West Street. Lovely d├ęcor, great Tuscan Italian food, some outdoor seating.