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Apr 10, 2013 05:49 AM

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants: Thread Three- The Saga Continues.

With absolutely no authority, yet blessed by nonspecifichigherpower, I use this giant imaginary scissor to bifurcate the imaginary giant ribbon on a new, fresh start for the thread pertaining to restaurants of San Diego that have fallen victim to the shifting sands of the industry and closing their doors.

This new thread should allow easier navigation and enhance the Chowhound user experience.

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  1. It would be my hope that this new thread remain small.

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    1. I saw that Azafran the Cuban restaurant on the 101 in Oceanside has closed. I spoke with Chef Mark Millwood from TBG BBQ in Oceanside and he said The Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen may be going into the space either as an expansion or a new concept. It's a really nice building Azafran was just always empty.

      1. Sadly, I just learned that Lisko Deli and Fish Market closed. I don't live in that area, and so only went there a handful of times. It was a real gem.

        Greedy landlord to blame, so I was told.

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          1. re: notjustastomach

            I have the same LL on another property. More likely poor business practices than greedy LL. s.r.w.

          2. Savory Garden (located in the 99 Ranch complex on Clairmont Mesa) has closed.

            1. The fish boutique in Mira Mesa (same mall as TJ) has closed. Sign says closed temporarily for renovation but for the last 4 weeks nobody is doing anything