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Apr 10, 2013 03:49 AM

Small victory today

I've been wanting to convert my family to whole wheat pasta for a long time. I'd finally found a brand I liked (Bionaturae...thanks 'hounds!), but was hesitant to use it for dinner. I didn't want to make a whole pound of pasta, only to have my kids turn their noses up at it and refuse to eat it.

Last night, I decided to mix the whole wheat pasta in with the white pasta. That way, at least they could pick through the bowl if they hated the whole wheat. No need! They slurped up everything. My daughter had two full bowls.

Hubby agrees that we're good to go with the whole wheat from here on out. White pasta still has its place, but at least I know whole wheat is a viable option.

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  1. Bionaturae is the only whole wheat pasta that I will eat. I'm not a picky eater, but other brands just taste and feel like cardboard.
    I found out about it on CH, too.

      1. re: letsindulge

        I buy it either at Wegmans or Whole Foods. I haven't seen it in my local Safeway and haven't checked Harris Teeter but they might have it as they tend to carry a wide variety of products. At Wegmans it's in the aisle with the other organic foods so if you don't find it in the general pasta aisle you might check there.

        1. re: letsindulge

          We found it at a little health food store somewhere. Now I can't remember where, so I guess I'll go to WF!

        2. Yay, those small victories feel so good! I will have to pick up a box of this stuff, I think I have seen it at Whole Foods.

          1. I love whole wheat pasta and once I found this brand I haven't looked back at any others. It's delicious.

            1. Is Bionaturae 100% whole wheat?

              Also, when buying imported pasta that comes in cellophane bags, check for bugs before putting the bags in your cart. I've had two separate bugsplosions (two different stores, one WF) when I emptied cellophane bags of imported pasta into pots of boiling water.

              Now I check.

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              1. re: Jay F

                Yup, whole durum wheat flour and water

                1. re: Jay F

                  They make both whole wheat and the usual sort, both delicious, so read the labels. The whole wheat spaghetti maintains the linear quality of "normal" pasta. I don't know exactly how to express it, but it doesn't break up into short lengths as readily as other ww pasta.

                  1. re: sr44

                    What I was really wanting to know was whether they use any regular flour or semolina in their whole wheat pasta, as some manufacturers do, thereby improving the taste and texture, but increasing the glycemic index number.

                    1. re: Jay F

                      It's just whole durum wheat pasta from the products that I have bought with no blends.