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Apr 9, 2013 09:26 PM

Hinck's Turkey Farm Wall NJ

I've been craving some homemade turkey,I figured Hincks is the place to get my fix .Almost drove past the place as the lot was empty ( not a good sign) Inside the place was clean & the lady's working the counter were helpful as to what was included with an order( sides available) The problem was the food which is viewable behind a glass butcher case glass,None of it even looked appetizing. It all looked dried out no way was it homemade,after tasting a turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes,mac & cheese & cranberry I was very disappointed on all counts. It's been awhile since I've been to Hincks & it will be longer before I go back. VERY DISAPPOINTED

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  1. Sorry to hear that.

    Can you get a fresh turkey this time of ywar there or is that only availible during the holiday season?

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      "Can you get a fresh turkey this time of ywar there or is that only availible during the holiday season?"

      I get them every coupla months. They're awesome. I've never had their prepped food, but I've been gettin' fresh turkey there, year round for twenty-five years or so.

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        Yes fresh turkey year round,as for the personal dinner I've had much better from Wegman's.

      2. I had a couple of wild turkey's walk through the front yard yesterday, wondered for a moment if they'd escaped from a turkey farm but they were black. Pretty fun.


        1. I remember they had a store/restaurant in Point Pleasant that served a good meal. However, that was shut years ago. Looks like with that closing, things have changed...

          1. Very surprised to hear this. Every time we get Thanksgiving Day sandwiches from here, they are excellent. Also love the turkey soup. It's crowded at lunch time and on the weekends.


            1. Hincks needs a wake up call. (Doesn't anyone who cooks for a living watch Restaurant Impossible? Or the Food Channel?)

              $13.50 for a canned cherry pie - $10 for the smallest rotisserie chicken ever - the stuffing is spreadable with a butter knife and the turkey noodle soup is bland with a sour aftertaste (boiled turkey, peas and carrots - no color, no flavor) with elbow macaroni (not a noodle). I can't bring myself to buy the pot pies where the first ingredient is "turkey gravy" and no spices or shortenings or flours are listed...

              Very frustrating because they offer valuable and desirable services to our area and have everything else going for them except cooking and caring... I hope they make it, I really do.