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Apr 9, 2013 09:26 PM

Rasoi Indian Restaurant (St Henri)

Looks like there will be a new Indian restaurant named ''Rasoi'' opening up on Notre Dame /Rosa de Lima in St Henri

Anyone know anything about it.

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  1. Rasoi is opening on Saturday the 18th of May. The food is Indian fusion, though the flavours are entirely traditional and authentic. Expect the menu to change regularly.

    1. Anybody try it yet? Prices seem outrageous for indian food

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        I was literally just thinking about posting this same question. As has been mentioned extensively here, I think there's a serious issue in how Montreal as a city conceptualizes "ethnic" food, like Indian: it is expected to be inexpensive. Rasoi is within the price range of upscale Indian elsewhere (i.e. Vij's in Vancouver), so maybe this is what was intended here. The biggest issue is that it's been empty the few times I've passed, so perhaps St. Henri is the wrong place for pricey Indian. Mumbai is already across the street, and likewise has above-average prices.

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          St henri is lacking in good affordable restaurants, defintely not the right place for high end indian. At the prices I saw theyre charging it better be damn good food.

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            The food was quite good, albeit high prices. Staff was very friendly.

            I tried the fish pakoras, onion bhaji, butter chicken and mango salad with ahi tuna. Butter chicken was a standout, next time I want to try one of their homemade naan pizzas with figs and paneer!

      2. Rasoi restaurant only got 2 stars in The Gazette on Saturday. Contrary to what MannyElk says below LC says it's not that authentic, even considering it's a Indian fusion establishment. Rasoi restaurant originally caught my interest, when Rasoi owner appeared on local radio talking about "authentic" Indian food in Montreal, just before Rasoi opened.

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