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Apr 9, 2013 09:21 PM

TN: 1998 Alhgren Vineyard Syrah, "Meeker Vineyard," Paso Robles AVA

1998 Ahlgren Vineyard Syrah, "Meeker Vineyard," Paso Robles AVA (California): According to the label, the wine is unfined and unfiltered, only 13.2 percent alcohol by volume, and was bottled in November 1999. The wine was aged at the winery until approximately six months ago, when I purchased it. The wine is brick red/mahogany in color, clean and clear; the bouquet shows layers of blueberry, smoky bacon, light earth, and spice; on the palate, there is mature fruit, berries, spice, vanilla; the palate is silky smooth, supple, well-balanced, and lush; the finish is long and lingering. Very fine indeed.

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  1. Great note, zin1953.

    Your palate must be off though because all of the "experts" claimed that 1998 was an across the board bad vintage throughout California. The wine you tasted could not possibly have been any good. ;-)

    1. I had this same wine with a rack of lamb dinner last night and boy was it great! Your tasting notes are right on, the subtle hints of smoke and dirt which seem to ground (pun not intended) the fruit. And so smooth, it just feels great in my mouth. Anytime I get anxious about the bottling and such, one glass of a wine like this sends me back up the hills to get more.

      Thanx again for the recommendation. This is really good stuff!

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        Good note, budnball. It is nice to see real people posting reviews that offset what those "experts" say.

        1. re: Fowler

          Not to get nit-picky, and I have no clue what the experts said about this particular wine, but 98 in the central coast was not regarded as the bad vintage that it was in Napa/Noma. The climatic conditions for the c.c. just weren't as extreme. It was a below average vintage, but not really a bad one.

          Fwiw, on the Napa/Noma front I do agree that even there the 98 vintage might have been over-panned, especially for the bord. varietals. The wines aren't long-term agers but some were decent at the 5-15 year window. I do think quite a few of those that drank well in that window are at the end of their ropes. 00 to me is an even worse vintage.