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Oct 17, 2001 01:55 PM

ethiopian restaurant

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does anyone know of a good Ethiopian restaurant in Houston???

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  1. No, I don't know of one, but you'll have better luck if you include the city in your questions. Hope this helps.

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      excuse me, I think the message said Houston ... if not that is the city i am interested in. by the way, thanks for the tip on the Bellaire spot, an excursion is planned for the near future.

    2. Yes, I do. Try Queen of Sheba on Bellaire Blvd., just West of Chimney Rock (on North side of Bellaire). They are open for lunch and dinner and are very friendly. Very spicy, too.

      If you don't like that place, go a few blocks East to the Starbucks on the corner of Bissonnet and Rice (Downtown Bellaire), where there is always a strong contingent of Ethiopians (or are they Eretreans?) drinking coffee inside and out. They ought to know.