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Apr 9, 2013 07:46 PM

Help - need place for a philly group of 12

Hi my colleagues and I are descending to dc from Philly for a work meeting and I am looking for a crowd pleaser restaurant that doesn't break the bank. I have a reservation at Lebanese Taverna as well as Old Ebbitt Grill. Lauriol plaza and estadio are booked. Rosa Mexicana requires a predetermined menu 44$/person, which is more than what we wanted to spend. I called Graffiato but didn't get an answer. It's one week away. Can you suggest something?

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  1. What day? Ardeo, Firefly, and Dino have private rooms and won't break the bank during the week. Weekends, prices go up substantially.

    1. You can do much better than most of the places you mentioned (except Estadio).

      I would check out The Hamilton, Casa Oaxaca (if it's Mexican you want), Jaleo or Lincoln (if it's small plates you are interested in...which actually might get pricey with 12 people), Hank's Oyster Bar (see if you can use the private room upstairs), Bistro D'Oc, or Zentan.

      1. Black Salt on Mac Arthur Blvd

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          No way that Black Salt is going to come under $44/person, and it's nowhere near the other locations the OP is asking about.

        2. I just wanted to post a follow up - we went to Jaleo and loved it. It turned out to be about 69 dollars/person including tax, tip, and Sangria. I also had several other meals - dinners at Ripple and Mintwood Place, and lunch at Rasika, all of which were outstanding. Every morning I got coffee at New City Cafe - yum! I love your city - had such a great food experience here.