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Apr 9, 2013 07:28 PM

New England Cookbooks

A quick search through the Home Cooking archives revealed Time-Life's Foods of the World: New England to be the strongly only recommended book for New England cooking. So, does anyone have any suggestions for other New England cookbooks? Most I've found online feature a mix of reviews, with the negatives being pretty damning.

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  1. I got this one for Christmas and have liked it so far

    I also like the durgin park cookbook

    I know I have some other ones on my shelf, I would have to dig them out and give you the titles.

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    1. re: LisaN

      My go to book is the Boston Globe Cookbook-so many regional favorites!

      1. re: nhkat

        i was JUST coming here to post about this one. fail safe and simple. i adore it.

      2. When we were on holiday in New England last year, we bought the "Best of the Best from New England", as a souvenir. There's a series of these and we've previously bought them on past trips to America.

        There's a good range of recipes as with the other books but, in truth, there's an air of the old-fashioned about many of them. Not old-fashioned as in heritage or traditional recipes of the region, just old-fashioned as in the sort of food we ate in the 1970/80s. I suppose that's inevitable with this sort of compilation book - first published in 1994, it draws on recipes form other cookbooks, obviously older.

        1. Two more localized cookbooks:

          For Rhode Island (a tiny state with an outsized number of local foodways):

          For Maine (where local food has taken root very deeply):

          A higher end view of Maine cooking:

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            Darn you Karl! Now I have to buy another cookbook! And you provided the link! As a native of Providence and South County I really miss the food but have no one left to visit there so I really do have to buy this book.

            1. re: Berheenia

              Haha! I was literally thinking the same thing just now.

            2. re: Karl S

              Another good Maine cookbook: Maine Classics: More Than 150 Delicious Recipes from Down East by Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier


            3. I love The LL Bean Book of New England Cookery and cook from it
              The Yankee Magazine Inn Keepers Cookbook is fun to read bit there are dozens Inn cookbooks out there. I just own this one.



              1. The L.L. Bean Book of New New England Cookery by Judith B. & Evan Jones is the bible on New England cooking!


                Edit: Berheenia, I see we posted at the same time! Great minds...


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                  Too funny. I love the manicotti recipe.

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                    Manicotti. Now there's something that just says New England to me, lol!

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                      I grew up in the state that had and may still have the highest percent of Italian Americans- Rhode Island!