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Oct 16, 2001 10:42 PM

Austin - Jeffrey's

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I live in Houston and I'm going to Austin next weekend and am attending a wedding function at someplace called Jeffrey's. Anyone know about this place? Where is it in Austin and what food do you recommend?

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  1. For years (maybe even 20?), Jeffrey's has been on the cutting edge of cuisine in Austin. They've been consistent, vaguely experimental, innovative and always have used impeccable ingredients. One of the best fish dishes I've ever had was a roasted sturgeon that was just fantastic. I've also been to a few wine tastings there and had, basically, the full gamut of the dishes offered. They were all good. The thing to expect here is great subtley, relative to other Austin hot spots, like Hudson's, which I hate. Even if it were free, I'd hate it.

    Here's the other part: this was the Bush's favorite restaurant in Austin. naturally, there had to be one in the Watergate. I've heard that the Austin location has suffered slightly, but I cannot attest to this myself. Enjoy

    1. I think it is the best restaurant in Austin for fine dining. Try any dish with oysters, especially appetizers. Also, I have never had a bad fish dish there. In fact, I have never had a bad meal there and I have been going there since it opened in the 70's. Remember, even though it is fine dining it is Austin so "dressing up" isn't required.

      1. Jeffrey's is located at the corner of 12th and West Lynn in the area of Austin known as Clarksville. If it seems that I know a bit about the place it is because I have worked there for the past five years. If you are attending the function in the Josephine House (Jeffrey's private dining house for intimate functions) on Saturday night then Laurie and I will be your servers.
        Your hosts will have selected the number of courses which they would like offered and the dishes which they would like to feature. I don't know exactly what the menu will be because our menu at the restaurant changes every night, but I can give you an idea of what you might encounter.
        Most likely, your meal will feature our Crispy Oysters as either an handpassed hors d'oeuvre or a plated appetizer. Be sure to try these. They are fantastic. Crispy fried oysters sit atop a spicy yucca root chip are drizzled with a mild habanero-honey aioli and pico de gallo. We make converts of non-oyster eaters with these so do not miss them. And these are amongst the President's favorite dishes at the restaurant.
        I don't know what your entree selections will be but they will most likely include beef tenderloin and a fish dish and perhaps a third choice. The actual fish offered will depend on what is freshest and in season at the time. I can give you any guidance with which dish to choose once you see the menu that evening.
        I also do not know what your hosts have selected for dessert on their menu. If they chose the two standards then you will be deciding between our Chocolate Intemperance (It is a thin brownie cake layer, topped with a Tia Maria-infused semi-sweet chocolate mousse, and finished off with a layer of chocolate ganache. It is served with whipped cream, fruit sauces and gold-dusted berries.) and our Grand Marnier Creme Brulee (This delicate sugar-crusted custard is served with candied orange peel and a Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle.) Both are equally sinful.
        I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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          Thanks a lot for the post. We will be at Josephine's on Saturday night for the Sincavish-Bedolla wedding party. Looking forward to the oysters. If the hosts didn't choose the creme brulee, can I buy one from you on the sly? I'll be sure to ask for you.

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            Carolyn: Thanks for a great meal - wonderfully presented. You were right about the oyster appetizer. The pear reduction sauce with the red snapper was excellent. The biggest surprise to me, however, was the chocolate intemperance dessert. I'm not a big fan of desserts, and don't understand chocoholism, but that was a special end to the meal. Look forward to visiting again next time I'm in Austin.