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Corn Casserole...downsizing it

I've been making a corn casserole for company, and it is always a big hit and very easy. See recipe below (I usually add diced jalapeno). My question is, can this be downsized for 2 or 4 people? A 9x13 dish is way too much usually. Obviously, I don't want 1/2 cans of corn left (I don't think I ever bought canned anything except for this). If you just went with one, which would it be?

This just came to me. I could just use 1 regular can of corn and halve everything else. I could puree 1/2 of the regular can to simulate the creamed corn. I would think that would fit in maybe 4 ramekins or maybe an 8x8 cake pan. Any thoughts?

1 can whole kernel yellow corn, undrained
1 can cream style yellow corn
1 (8 oz.) carton sour cream
2 eggs, beaten
1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix
1 stick butter, melted

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  1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Please report back when you halve it. :)


    1. I'd take an immersion blender to the half can (with liquid) whole kernel, and then halve the recipe. Save half the Jiffy mix for the next time.

      1. I may be no help, but I haven't had baked corn in a solid 12 years (it was an ex's family fave). I am fairly certain that they used the same recipe (except using frozen corn for whole kernel) and used an 8x8 pyrex.

        If you decide to go the route of pureeing the half can of corn, I personally would use heavy cream instead of the corn "water". That way you would still have a little velvety richness of creamed corn (which is really tasty homemade).

        1. At Christmas I made a similar kind of recipe (corn, creamed corn, Jiffy, eggs, jalapeno cheese), but found a recipe for muffins. So we served what we needed and freezed the rest. They were nice and moist, so they reheated really nicely, either in the oven or even in the micorwave, If I find the recipe I'll post it.

          1. My grocery has little toy half cans of creamed corn which I use for recipes like this. And I buy 1 pound bags of frozen corn, so it would be easy to substitute about a half can worth there.

            But, I also think the idea of baking half the batter in muffin tins is a great idea. I have a recipe that I only make for potlucks because it is too much for the 2 of us, so that would be a nice solution to eat half and freeze half as muffins.

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              I only pay 49 cents for the regular cans (14 oz I think), so it isn't much money at all, but I hate to waste food.

              I wonder if they could be freezed in a muffin tin or pan uncooked.

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                freezing uncooked batter generally creates leavening issues, so is not a good plan, but any kind of muffin or bread-like thing like this will freeze quite well cooked.

            2. Just freeze the extra corn for the next time you make the recipe.

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                I thought about that, but freezing canned veggies sounded odd.

                Maybe using all frozen corn is the way to go and just puree some of it to simulate the creamed corn.

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                  Well, the regular niblet corn (sans cream) is pretty similar to frozen corn - just with water. But agree that pureeing frozen corn and adding a bit of heavy cream or half and half for the creamed corn would be the easiest way to go.

              2. I haven't bought canned corn in decades, but rather buy bags of frozen corn--I like the Trader Joe's brand. I use what I need and then put a clip on the bag and return the rest to the freezer.

                1. should work, though leftovers of this keep very well and I am sure you could freeze and reheat. Even overcooked and somewhat crunchy and browned (I reheated a couple pans for AN EXTRA HOUR at my Christmas party this year) it is delicious.

                  1. Sounds good. Do you think it would be good with a little diced ham or sausage in it?


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                      Sure. I think you could put anything you want in it as long as it wasn't too big or heavy and would sink to the bottom.

                      Let me say, I never buy canned goods or make casseroles. I cook from scratch and usually avoid "pedestrian" dishes like this. It is just so cheap, good and easy though.

                      I like jalapeno or red bell peppers. Adds a little color to a pale looking dish.

                      Some versions add cheese at the beginning and some put it on for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. I think it is gilding the lily.

                      Small bacon pieces would probably be good, but to be honest, this is a somewhat rich dish and has a lot of flavor on it's own.

                    2. I don't see the problem in having extra. Mr Freezer is Your Friend. Right now in my freezer I have squares of corn pudding and cauliflower au gratin and 8-oz margarine cups of okra creole and collard greens with ham and curried carrots. Leftover vegetables in small portions illuminate an otherwise blah dinner.

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                        A lot of things with dairy don't freeze that well. That was my concern. I also cook this only until the top is crisp, but the inside is still runny, which I thought might affect freezing.

                        I could be wrong though and will try it. This dish struck me as something best made fresh.

                      2. You can freeze whatever portions you don't cook, I just put into containers and wrap tightly. When ready, thaw & cook as you normally would. I also put a small can of diced jalapenos in mine.