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Apr 9, 2013 04:51 PM

Toronto to Louisville on i75 - Food Stops?

Hello there!!

A few of us are taking a road trip from Toronto to Louisville, KY over the Canadian Victoria Day long-weekend (May 17-21). Interested to know of any highway (or closely removed) food stops in Detroit, Toledo, Dayton, Cinci and anywhere in btw.

We're into any/all food - from BBQ to vegan, especially unique places that are popular amongst the area (or those coming through).


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  1. For a fast food burger, fries & shake; I like Kewpee Burger. Also try a slice of their Olde
    Fashioned Sugar Creme Pie. It's a central OH
    and IN thing.

    Sandwich stop in the Dayton area is World Cafe:

    Pho stop in the Dayton area is Pho Mi:

    A great sub sandwich in SW Detroit; Gonella's.
    If you arrive before noon, spend the extra dime
    for the hard roll.

    Classic sliders in SW Detroit; Motz

    Yuppie sliders in SW Detroit; Green Dot Stables

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    1. re: rainsux

      Thank you!! Really appreciate the map links - all have been added to our 'roadtrip' map.

      Any recos for Toledo or Cincinnati?

      Again, thanks for pulling this together for us!

      1. re: jonanderson80

        >> Any recos for Toledo or Cincinnati?

        Cincinnati - Findlay Market (see above).

        In Toledo, if you enjoy hot dogs, Tony Packo's is a longtime local institution. They have five locations; the one close to I-75 is in downtown Toledo, next to the minor league baseball stadium.

        Personally, I'd much rather eat Thai food than hot dogs. Toledo has a terrific Thai restaurant called Bangkok Kitchen, in the town of Maumee, just south of Toledo. It's a few miles detour from I-75 though. If you go there, it's not easy to spot from the street (Dussel Drive); it's in a strip mall just east of a Wendy's.

        There's also a very good seafood restaurant called Mancy's Bluewater Grille, on that same stretch of Dussel Drive.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I've been to the original Packo's and it's a great experience. Nice old building and the place is a legend. If you're a fan of M*A*S*H* it's almost a must.

          The Thai food may be great but I doubt it's better than what you can get in TO. You cannot get Packo's in TO.


      2. re: rainsux

        "A great sub sandwich in SW Detroit; Gonella's. If you arrive before noon, spend the extra dime for the hard roll."

        I just want you to know, RS, that you've turned me into a Gonella's sub snob. Today I went there (too late, obviously, and I knew it, but the timing couldn't be helped...), and when I found out that they didn't have the hard roll, I wound up across the street at Giovanni's for lunch, instead. The hard roll really does make a difference.

        BTW, I discovered the previous time I was there (got the hard roll that time) that the 12-layers of meat and cheese is only $.50 more than the 8-layers, so I went with the twelve. There was at least a full half inch of lovely meats on there, along with the fresh veggies and dressing (NO STINKING CHEESE!). As I was eating it, I had to laugh at the notion of something like a Subway sub: the meat is stinking *awful*, and it's really, really spartan on their subs (double the meat for $2!). The Gonella's offering is generous, and the quality is three letter grades (at least) above crap like Subway...and I *know* that Gonella's slices their stuff onsite. I've seen them.

        This is, indeed, a good place. No hard rolls? Oh, there's Giovanni's right there. No biggie. I'll be back. ;)

      3. About a mile from I-75 in Tipp City OH (just north of Dayton) is Coldwater Cafe:

        Really good food (house baked breads, good desserts) and Tipp City's downtown is picturesque.

        I've never heard of World Cafe before but will check it out. Wasn't too impressed with the Bahn Mi at Pho Mi but only tried it once.

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        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          Thanks you, Niki! We'll definitely consider stopping by if the timing works out.

          1. re: Niki in Dayton

            > Wasn't too impressed with the Bahn Mi at Pho Mi
            > but only tried it once.

            Never tried their Bahn Mi. Their pho is okay for a smaller
            metro area (Dayton). Their pho would not survive the
            competition in Detroit. Whenever I'm in Dayton and suffering
            the sniffles, their pho is just fine.

          2. I-75 takes you right through the middle of Detroit, Toledo, Dayton, and Cincinnati, so all the many, many places in the downtown areas of those cities are right near the interstate. That means everything from fine dining to lunch and snacking type places.

            I'd also recommend stopping at Cincinnati's Findlay Market, which is also right near the interstate. It's a public market with vendors, restaurants, etc. More info at

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            1. re: nsxtasy

              Thank you!! We added it to our list. Sounds like the perfect place for a pit stop.

            2. For Cincy if you want to try Cincinnati chili Camp Washington ( is right off 75. Cincy chili is a condiment, not a meal so eat it as a 3,4 or 5 way or a cheese coney. If BBQ is your thing Jim Dandy's ( is north of downtown. Downtown has a bunch of great food trucks with New Orleans to Go ( being my fave.
              If you have time to spare and can take a 10 minute jog off the interstate then check out Jungle Jim's ( in Fairfield. It's a mega-international grocery store where you can find just about anything.

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              1. re: JohnE O

                Thanks, JohnE O!! We've added these to the list - really hoping we can find time to check out the food trucks. Thanks!!

                1. re: jonanderson80



                  Camp Washington Chili.

                  As a born and bred Cincinnatian, that is about the pinnacle.

                  I was in a few weeks ago for lunch and when I paid at the counter a woman from memphis who was passing through stopped in to buy a gallon of the chili to take back home to TN because she missed it so much.

                  Restaurant is about 200 yards from the freeway so it's not a long jaunt to get there.


              2. The great Coney battle wages in downtown Detroit between The Lafayette and The American. They are right next door to each other. Here's the link to the Lafayette on Google. Both of these joints have been profiled on numerous food shows here in the United States. Try one from each and see which one you like best.