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Apr 9, 2013 04:27 PM

Ready to serve gulab jamun

I recently bought Haldiram's gulab jamun in a can. It's imported from India. They are not bad but I find the spicing a little strong; too much cardamom that makes them have a peppery aftertaste. My question is: are there other similar products that I should try? I think I've seen frozen gulab jamun but can't remember where. If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.
I'm not interested in making them either from a mix or from scratch or buying them from a restaurant/ sweet shop.

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  1. if you like "ras-malai" Nanak makes a great product. It is usually in the chilled section of indian grocery shops. It is made in Vancouver. Ras- malai is the white rasgullas soaked in a milk based syrup with pistachios and saffrom mixed in.

    Haldiram also has canned ras gullas avialble. They are decent enough in taste and not spiced like the gulab jamuns but the ras malais are much better.

    There is another brand out of Toronto making the same kind of ras malais as Nanak but I cannot remember the name right now.

    Hope this helps

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    1. re: Razzmut

      Does Nanak make gulab jamun? I really prefer those to rasmalai.

      1. re: hungryann

        Not that I am aware of. There may be some other canned gulab jamuns but I have never tried any but Haldirams,

        1. re: Razzmut

          I saw on the Nanak foods website that they do have a frozen gulab jamun; if I find it in Montreal that is another story.

          1. re: hungryann

            Let me know if you do , I would try it for sure.

            I'll ask at the grocers I usually go to if they will bring in the Nank gulab jamuns and let you know.

            1. re: hungryann

              Singh Farms on sources in the strip mall opposite the cinemas guzzo carries a pack of 12 gulab jamuns made in Toronto Brand name is Apna Taste ( they have a website: I have not tasted them so cannot give you any indication of how good ( or not) they are

              I asked the owner why he does not carry Nanak's frozen gulab jamuns and he said cause he finds them made in advance and in large batches and stored before they are shipped here. FWIW I suspect he got old stock once and was not pleased and has not carried them again.

              1. re: Razzmut

                Thanks, I'll check it out soon. Alphonso mango season should be around the corner...

      2. Have a no fail homemade recipe. Holler if you'd like it.

        1. Hey did you end up trying any other canned gulab jamun? I also saw Bikano. I need to send one (without opening it of course) and am wondering if bikano is better than haldiram. Haven't tasted either...