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Apr 9, 2013 03:56 PM

Need an inexpensive WOW for ladies' night out

I'm looking for an inexpensive but fun place for a gathering of about 8 female relatives, ages 30-55. We like to share the plates, the wine, and the bill. Any recommendations? Seafood, Italian, Mexican.... Oh, did I say THIS Saturday? Everyone is traveling in from the local surrounds, so location is wide open. So perhaps a new and up-and-coming place? BYOB would elevate a three-star to a four-star recommendation!

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  1. What do you consider inexpensive? $20/person? $50/person? How much wine?

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      Good question. Inexpensive would be $35/pp including generous tip (and one drink per person?). The likelihood is that the drinking would be more immoderate, perhaps 4 + bottles for the group (or 2 drinks per person), hence the preference for BYOB.

    2. It gets mixed reviews here, but Kuma Inn on the Lower East Side is BYOB and has fantastic Asian small plates. The restaurant is tiny, so definitely call in advance.

      Or, if you go early enough, some restaurants have dollar oyster deals on Saturday evenings, which can bring your costs down a lot -- look here:

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        I really like Kuma Inn though I haven't been in a while. Just note that it's up a flight of stairs and its so small they won't do parties more than 8 now.

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          wow thanks for this $1 oyster link. Good stuff. You happen to know which spots are the least crowded during times of the oyster specials?

        2. In my research for this coming weekend, I came across these .... (haven't been to either)

          Ayza, Wine & Chocolate Bar:

          Stanton Social: tapas/small plates

          Also maybe Max Brenner. Food isn't great but some fun chocolate menu items and drinks that are great to share.

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            Ayza looks like a nice spot, as does the Stanton. Turns out there's been a serious illness with my uncle so the plans have shifted. I might end up at Stanton with a friend who is single and needs a casual spot to build up her courage.