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Apr 9, 2013 03:32 PM

New bottle of Shaosing, toss like wine or save in fridge for months?

Good afternoon, I have a new bottle of Pagoda Shaohsing that I opened, I literally only used 1/8 cup for recipe! 
I am curious if this wine is something like dry sherry where you just toss in fridge and store over the months and use as needed. 
You have to keep in mind I'm really not a wine drinker so I don't know all of this type of stuff, for example it was confusing for me to be told to throw new quality bottles of red or white wine away literally 1 or 2 days after using because they supposedly turn to vinegar only to take something like dry sherry and that's ok for months in fridge. 

I went ahead and ordered a couple bottles of the Shaosing for this very reason, in case I have to throw away every bottle after using it!!

Thank you for help on the matter, happy eating!

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  1. "to throw new quality bottles of red or white wine away literally 1 or 2 days after using because they supposedly turn to vinegar ' - I've been doing it all wrong! I keep opened bottles of wine in the fridge for days. Admittedly they aren't expensive ones.

    1. We keep ours in the cabinet. If you are somewhere where it gets very hot, maybe keep it in the fridge. Ours never lasts more than six months because we use it up by then. I like to drink shaoxing warm like sake, but don't drink the shaoxing cooking wine: it has salt in it.

      1. The rules for grape wine are irrelevant. That stuff is made from rice and 17-18% alcohol, it's similar to sake or soju. It should keep indefinitely if tightly sealed in the refrigerator. Taste it when you open it, then you can tell if it has changed over time.

        Pagoda's a decent-quality brand, not salted.

        1. thank you guys, great advice! it is in fridge being stored