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Apr 9, 2013 03:26 PM

Charleston, SC

I will be in Charleston, SC from dinner on Thursday, April 18- brunch on April 21. Dinner will be solo on thursday night, but after I will l be with my husband. I was there last year and loved most of the restaurants we tried. I have a ridiculously long list that I want try this year but obviously have a limited amount of time. So far definitely Two Boroughs larder (haven't tried)and hominy grill (tried last year and loved it) for brunch on Sunday but then I have so many other choices. I am hoping my fellow chow hounds can help narrow it down. To shed a little light on my taste, I tried poogan's porch last year and thought it was over rated, but loved glass onion and tattooed mouse. Some of the other choices I am considering are The MacIntosh, Carter's kitchen, the grocery, the gin joint for drinks, Fig, The ordinary. Please help narrow it down as you see I am extremely indecisive. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry I don't have an answer, but want to thank you for the info on places you have tried. I have asked for info on Charleston food-will be there in June- and got better info from you than replies to my question. Thanks again!

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      I will update you on the ones I finally pick and let you know how it goes. Then you will be set for June!

    2. We visited Charleston last June when my daughter participated in the Spoleto Festival; our favorite restaurant was Fig (dinner). We had lunch at Husk , which we enjoyed (didn't have reservations, just wandered over 1/2 hour or so before it opened and put our name on the list), and also had dinner at High Cotton (so-so) and Peninsula Grill (good but more expensive, and I wasn't crazy about the dining room ambiance).

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        Thanks so much! Great feed back. Fig is moving up to the top of my list!

      2. Fig is a must...if you can get a reservation this close to your trip.
        Butcher and Bee is delicious.
        I am a big fan of Husk. ...not everyone is ...but I am from the same area as Chef Brock so I get it.
        I always do lunch at hominy grill on trips that include MUSC hospital because it is a lovely stroll. The tomato pudding is a must.
        Carter's kitchen is getting a lot of buzz from my friends.

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          I wasn't able to get into Fig, so I picked Husk and mccrady's. I will also try two borough's larder for a lunch and hominy grill for breakfast on Sunday before we head out of town. Thanks to all and I will update when I return, to let everyone know how it goes.

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            Had lunch at Husk recently..ordered the fried chicken skins...truly decadent..with the added benefit of being fried on both sides ..without all that pesky protein..pretty much all you need for lunch..i'd order them again.

          2. re: LaLa

            The menus of Fig and Husk look similar. Is the style of preparation similar? Lots of fried foods?
            Whick of these would you say has the best atmsophere for a date?

            1. re: kirkaw

              I dont' think I've ever had anything fried at Fig. Maybe a panfried skate wing once...but in general, it is not that kind of place.

          3. If you like oysters, shellfish in general, you should absolutely give The Ordinary a try. All their shellfish is fabulous and the oyster sliders are incredible. If you don't like shellfish or oysters you can skip it - you won't find much on the menu you'll like.

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            1. re: Absolutpalm

              I think The Grocery and The Ordinary look great. Which would you recommend? Which has the best atmosphere?

              1. re: kirkaw

                Ordinary has better food and great atmosphere

            2. Two Boroughs Larder, MacIntosh, The Grocery, Butcher and Bee, Carter's Kitchen and Fig are all excellent. Gin Joint and Cocktail Club for drinks. Ordinary is just ok. Quality is fine, but very high prices for what you are given. If I could choose just one of the above it would The Grocery- good food, nice atmosphere at a modest price. Wine and bar selections are modest however. Hall's Sunday Brunch is very good as well. Virginia's on King and Hominy Grill for lunch.