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Jimmy Johns in Freehold

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With Franklys gone :(, Jimmy Johns is moving next door.


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    1. re: gumpycat

      I've been to the one in New Brunswick a few times. I could do without the kitschy quotes on the wall, but the sandwiches aren't bad.

    2. Been to a few in NC, decent sandwiches, seem to be better quality than the Subways, Quiznos, and the like. Will never replace a good made from scratch sub, but for a quick bite, worth stopping in.

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      1. re: camel653

        Are you saying that the sandwiches at Jimmy Johns are not made from scratch? What does that mean? Are they manufactured at some remote facility and shipped to the retail outlet for sale?

      2. I used to go to Jimmy Johns when I went to school in Illinois. The bread is amazing and they have really fast delivery. I am glad to see that they are starting to open up in NJ. I cant wait. I saw on Yelp that they are scheduled to open on July 16th. Try the gargantuan if you are hungry. They should do well in NJ.