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Apr 9, 2013 02:36 PM

just one night in austin

I have a business trip to Austin and SA later this month. We'll be in SA for 4 nights, but just ONE night in Austin. Where should we have dinner so that we go home talking about our amazing night in Austin? Your recommendation can be based on anything - great menu, amazing wine list, incredible ambience, unique service - but please tell me why you're recommending we go there.
Not sure where we're staying yet, somewhere downtown. We will have a car and can drive to your suggestion if you think it's worth it.
Thanks in advance for your suggestion. I promise when you visit Massachusetts, I will return the favor!

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  1. Uchi, Uchiko or Barley Swine - these will definitely fit the bill.

    How big is your group?

    1. +1 for all three, but you can (and should) go ahead and get reservations for Uchi or Uchiko then cancel if you decide to go somewhere else. If you search the austin chowhound board for any of these you will find tons of reasons why most of us who live here send folks their way. Barley Swine is fantastic as long as you're okay with sitting next to strangers at large tables and waiting depending on the night and when you get there.

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