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Bushi Udon Kappo

Apparently they make their own udon in-house. Has any one tried? Worth a trip mid-town? Thanks in advance.


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  1. went a few days ago for an early dinner -- i had the udon w/curry beef dinner set. very good quality fish on the sashimi -- fresh & clean flavors; nice light hand with the tempura. the udon noodles themselves were pretty good, but i'm not exactly an udon connoisseur. they do a "mixed vegetable" tempura, which is basically a vegetable fritter with a light tempura treatment that i really enjoyed. the room wasn't too loud & trendy, thankfully; it filled up pretty quickly with japanese families, which i suppose is probably a good sign. i'm really happy to have a new option in the neighborhood. so yes, i'd say worth a trip.

    1. Ohh! I've been waiting for a place like this!

      The menu looks really big... Kind of overwhelming... Seems like they are trying to run it a bit like an izakaya at night with their dinner menu...

      1. I like the udon too. However, the chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) was watery (should be more solid), and inedible - having a very sour after taste. i suspect it may be related to the freshness of the shrimp in it.

        I understand that's a strong accusation. You can take it for what it is - my recount of my experience. I did not finish the chawanmushi.

        I wouldn't go out of my way, but I would drop in for the udon again if I'm nearby.

        1. So wait, I am going with 3 (potentially 4) other friends today after work. I have two questions:

          1) Is that going to be a problem? How quickly does it fill up with these purported Japanese families and do they take reservations (not that I think it matters much at this point but...)
          2) What am I getting?? What's the house speciality? Do I go wheat noodle or spelt?

          Thanks a bunch!

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            Any feedback from those who have gone? I'm planning to go tomorrow for lunch and was trying to decide between the Tendon, Stamina Don or the Tsuke Udon...

            Also, what are the "appetizers" that are included in the lunch combos? Is it recommended to get the combo?


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              Hey Bernard,

              So, I feel like I read something about the Tendon lacking sauce. I assume it's the same store with the stamina. AND the place makes their own Udon in-house so I just stuck with the udon.

              Now, due mostly to Notorious P.I.G.'s strong insistence on the virtues of the "Tsuke" style of noodle eating, I convinced two of the other people I was eating with to order the Tsuke Udon with me, just to be as "Tokyo-Authentic" as possible... and we were the three least happy at the table.

              Once again, by the end of it, we were all left dipping cold, slightly undercooked noodles in our cold, concentrated broth.

              This is not to say that all of the ingredients weren't excellent, but unless you are a Certified Noodle-Eating Master, I would just stick to the Udon-in-bowl versions of everything. EIther the Plain, Pork or Curry, if you are of that persuasion.

              As for the set dinners for $25, I'm a little MEH as to whether or not they are actually good value. The grilled fish was a very plain-jane, nothing special Atlantic salmon and the sashimi were like 3 big pieces of some white fish, most notably hamachi. Not terrible by any means, but not quite Taro's Fish (on Sheppard).

              If you do get it, just know that the overall portions are not enormous and I supplemented it with some of the more exotic tempura pieces (which were as good as everyone said they would be; these guys know how to fry).

              There you go. Probably a longer answer than you wanted ;)

              1. re: mnajji

                Whoa there, gear down big rig. I was talking about the Tsukemen at Santouka specifically. I've never even commented in this thread and haven't done so because I haven't eaten here. I generally don't comment on things I haven't tried.

                Also, when I talked about authenticity I meant it as a general blanket sort of statement meaning that if you where maybe the kind of person that looked for a sense of authenticity (which is ridiculous to me and a subject that I could go on about but won't because who cares) then the Tsukemen at Santouka is probably closest to what you'd get in Tokyo.

                Don't put you and your friend's order fail on my shoulders because you got the Tsukemen at this Udon place instead of at Santouka.

                Side note, thanks for the tip, I won't order the Tsukemen here.


                1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                  Haha no, I take full responsibility! I just wanted to see you weigh in on the matter. I got your attention!

                  But yeah, solid place overall. You should give SOMETHING there a try.

            2. I'd say it's definitely worth the trip. You can really appreciate the difference of fresh handmade noodles here - chewy, clean flavour. I ordered the tsuke udon and unlike others on this board, absolutely loved it. For me, far preferable to having it in broth. I don't think it has anything to do with authenticity - just that the concentrated savoury broth of tsuke style is, for me, much tastier. The curry udon is supposed to be good too (in a thicker, sauce-like broth) and I'd probably try that one out next time.


              1. Went today... Going to keep it short..

                1. Tsuke Udon with pork and onion was good, not amazing... Broth got a bit cold towards the end
                2. Curry Udon was VERY good, but a bit more spicy than some may be able to take (I liked it very much though)
                3. Udon noodles were great, as should be expected...
                4. Lunch combos are okay value, but personally think the money is better spent on tempura
                5. Tempura is VERY good here. Shungiku tempura was awesome!
                6. Service was great. Friendly and attentive although I guess perhaps the amazing weather this morning could have affected that

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                  This is near identical to my experience!

                  The tsuke thing is definitely a matter of preference. As RainingMian said above, there is something to be said for that more-concentrated broth.

                2. Had the Pork Udon today with some individual orders of Tempura.

                  The pork was lean but juicy and full of flavour. Had a subtle smokiness to it which was nice. Udon noodles where great. Sort of more like the flatter Hoto Udon as opposed to the conventional rounded type. Broth was pretty meh. Not bad but nothing special. Wish we could get good Katsuoboshi here to add that extra smoky note to the broth.

                  Tempura was great! The Kakiage being the standout. Fried fresh using a nice variety of vegetables and seafood. Okra, Ika with Nori, King Mushroom, Asparagus, etc...

                  Nice place to have around. Would definitely go back. Looks like they'll have some interesting specials day to day as well.

                  1. I've been waiting to see what Koki would do since he sold his little Japanese bistro Sakawaya at Jones / Danforth. Just read his name on the Toronto Life write up, and went to try it out. The other owner was a regular at his old shop, and I guess they went into partnership together. Anyway, pretty authentic and very tasty. I remember having lots of discussions with him about the viability of opening an authentic Japanese noodle shop - this was years before the current Ramen craze - and I'm glad he was able to find a good niche, and that he's come back in my hood.

                    I only tried the udon, but yeah, it was tasty and the fact that it attracts so many Japanese clients is telling.

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                    1. re: milhuas3

                      Oh interesting! I was friends with Jay at Sakawaya and went pretty regularly. Good to know that they're behind Bushi!

                      Great stuff there!

                      1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                        Jay was there tonight! He's there irregularly so next time ask Koki when he'll be there.

                        1. re: milhuas3

                          Oh no way. I'll have to drop by when he's working one night!

                    2. Went there last Sunday. I had their tempura udon and it was great - broth and all. Happy to see that they had ume-soda, which is one of my favourite drinks (sweet plum liquor and club soda). My husband had their kampachi sashimi (they called it brother to tuna sashimi) and wakame udon - all good. Service was great.

                      Definitely worth the trip.

                      The only problem was that it was too light - we ended up at Bagel House to get a couple cheese bagels.

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                      1. re: serpah

                        Same feeling about the lightness even after the fixed dinner menu.

                        Except we ended up at Holy Chuck ha ha... ha.