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Oct 11, 2001 11:18 PM

Austin--Best Rack of Lamb

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Sorry, I know this is short notice, but we will be spending the weekend in Austin and since my husband loves "rack of lamb", where is the best restaurant to eat this delicacy?? I don't care for lamb so we would like suggestions on a place to partake of lamb and possibly steak or seafood for me.

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    Patty Hopkins

    Forgot to add that we will be in the Arboretum area and would prefer not to drive but rather walk to a restaurant at night---any other suggestions in this area for dining will be greatly appreciated whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner---driving OK for breakfast or lunch---TIA

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      How about a really short drive to a great restaurant experience? Catch a cab (under $5) to Mirabelle on Mesa Drive just north of Spicewood Springs Road. The menu changes, but they always have beef, pork, lamb, seafood and something vegetarian. The food and service are excellent. There's a slight southwestern-mediterranian influence in most of the dishes and it works. I recently had the best veal dish (really just a simple stew, but such perfection)of my life there. The one flaw in the restaurant is that they allow kids. Now, I'm no kid hater but they are given fairly free rein here, which can be bothersome. I agree that this is totally the parents' responsibility, but I wanted to give fair warning.

      All things considered, I'd go out of my way to eat here. BTW, the wine list is excellent, has some inexpensive and unusual buys and never fails to please everyone. Really.