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Apr 9, 2013 01:32 PM

where to eat for my one meal in italy

Hi , I will be in rome on friday April 12 and would like to have dinner. I believe I am stuck between Pirelli or Da Enzo 29 ( unless the foodies out there can recommend somewhere else) I would like an 8 p.m. reservation
( how do you do this) and I depart from FCO at 1130. Is this possible ?

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  1. Do you mean Perilli? there are some real fans on this Board and some who are not so partial..

    How are you planning to get to the airport from the restaurant? You need to allow quite a lot of time at the airport (up to 2 hours, Id say) to make sure you clear security and get to your gate in time. The lines can be very long. I think the train from Ostiense (near Perilli) takes 45 min-an hour and you will need to work with the schedules, that or call a taxi. maybe Im overly pessimistic, but doing the math Im not sure this really leaves you enough time for a dinner.

    If you are in Rome for the day, why not have a good sitdown lunch instead and stop in a winebar in the evening before heading out - or pick up some goodies to snack on as you go..

    Maybe others will be more optimistic - Good luck!

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      Excellent points as this is Italy.

      Unlike TSA checkpoints here, our experience at the end of December was that FCO International departure involved multi-point bottlenecks, someone to check your ID, the next line to verify your ticket, then the carry on screening and a final reverification of the documents.

      All told, we arrived almost 3 hours early and spent less than an hour at the departure gate.

      1. re: ThanksVille

        Don't know what "this is Italy" has to do with it. I've had worse experiences elsewhere, including JFK.

        However, the destination and airline definitely factor into when the OP needs to arrive at the airport, which I assumed had been factored into the departure time of 9.15, which should be fine for a European flight, especially with online check-in ahead of time. The multipoint business is indeed a pain in the neck time waster, but it is for US and Israeli (I think) carriers. You start at Terminal 5, then get loaded onto a bus back to Terminal 3, so yes, you need to allow more time. Alitalia to the US starts out at Terminal 3 and online checkin is easy.

        1. re: mbfant

          Thanks for the info on the airport . I have access to the priority lanes and have factored in the time needed .which restaurant would you recommend ?

          1. re: MichelleSandy

            With total freedom of choice, I'd get the car earlier and go to Pascucci in Fiumicino. It's a great restaurant and ten minutes to the airport.

    2. Thank you ! yes Perilli, may day is sooo packed . I've hired a driver to pick me up at 9:15. How about enzo ?

      1. Perilli is better located for the airport, but neither would be my choice.

        You don't say whether you'll have baggage, but if not, Eataly might be an idea. It is well situated for getting out of town in the direction of FCO and is suitable for eating early. There are different options once you're there, but it's not a place I'd like to drag a suitcase around. (You might have your driver come early and take the luggage.)

        Another idea would be to eat in the town of Fiumicino. The fine dining place is Pascucci (very comfortable and friendly despite the refined seafood menu) but there are more casual places too. From there it's ten minutes to the airport.