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Apr 9, 2013 01:24 PM

Birthday party for 50 pp - Foxboro/Prov area, outdoor space, garden?

Am trying to plan a surprise birthday party for my mom, who will turn 70 in June. She's a gardener, and lover of good food. Will probably have about 50 guests, mix of ages, and I would LOVE to find a place with a garden or pretty outdoor area, so we could start before sunset, perhaps. Alternatively, a pretty restaurant we could rent out could work. Parents live in Franklin, don't want too long a drive. Could go to Providence, don't want to go into Boston. I am planning this from NJ, and though i grew up in MA, am not up-to-date on best restaurants. Would consider a space where I need a caterer, but not with a big rental fee.
Creative ideas will be appreciated! Internet searching is proving useless! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rent out the bar area or Aspire at the Hotel Providence.. they have a nice outdoor patio.

    Or maybe Incontro in Franklin? Haven't been there in a long time.. not sure where you'll find a garden though.