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Apr 9, 2013 01:16 PM

Return Visit to DC- 2 dinner recommendations please

Last year my fellow chowhounders gave me some great recommendations and I enjoyed my meals at Masa 14, Rasika and Zaytinya. Central was good but the ambience was lacking.
This year I am returning and I definitely will be returning to Masa 14 and will add Jaleo (last time it was closed) to the list. Could you please suggest 2 other dinner which are inexpensive or moderately priced which has great food and a nice ambience... would be most grateful?

In terms of food, I pretty much enjoy everything but I do have a preference for a menu that is a little different/ creative....
Also could you let me know the name of a street that would be fun for barhopping?

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  1. So you like dark and loud? If you're visiting within the month you can try RJ Cooper's pop up at Hogo Rum Bar. Good and inventive food. Menu on link below.

    1. Grafiato is great. I also like Zengo. I have never been there but people rave about the happy hour at the Source.

      1. I would certainly check out Mintwood. It's my new favorite restaurant (along with Rasika). It's classic French bistro cuisine but there is a little twist with many of the dishes. Great vibe as well. They also have a very good brunch.

        1. Try Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons in Georgetown, and while in Georgetown, the 1789!