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Apr 9, 2013 12:36 PM

Anything new under the sun in northern NCC, DE?

I'm bored...find me a new place to eat! Anyone been to Pochi in downtown Wilmington (Chilean restaurant and wine bar), Pho Cali on Kirkwood Highway, or anything else that sounds interesting?

I am flying solo this week and might just go to Pochi tonight. Yelp reviews are glowing, but I take those with a large grain of salt, so I'll report back.

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  1. I think Pochi is worth a visit. Have been there about half a dozen times since it opened (all for lunch). If memory serves, I have had the pastel de choclo, pescado grille, pollo arvejado, and cevice mixto. Enjoyed them all -- although the ceviche mixto could have used fewer red onions.

    Dining companions have had the lomo a lo probre, salmon, the crab cakes, and the plateada al jugo. A colleague called a salmon special the best piece of salmon he had ever eaten. Undoubtedly some hyperbole there, but no one that I've taken or encouraged to go there has expressed disappointment.

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      Thanks, that's very helpful! (And may I also say: you've been holding out on us here on CH if you've eaten at a new restaurant six times and not posted about it!!!)

      If you have any other fresh ideas for me, I'd be happy to hear them. After 15 years in this area, I am in a rut.

      1. re: travelmad478

        I'd also wonder what you think of Pochi.

        The problem I find with food around the area is that the restaurants that pop up in the Wilmington vicinity are usually just decent at best, especially if you have tried similar cuisine elsewhere in the country where it may be outstanding, or if you hit Philly a lot like myself. For example, I know people really like Juliana's Kitchen but I was honestly underwhelmed having enjoyed much better Peruvian cuisine while vacationing in Florida a while back.

    2. I did hit Pochi for happy hour last night and liked what little food I had. I sat at the bar and had the curaditos (two good-sized scallop/cheese empanadas), which were delicious, and came with a decent amount of mixed green salad on the plate that was also nicely dressed and hit the spot. Between that and the two big pieces of grilled bread with spicy salsa that they gave me also, I couldn't fit in any more food, although I was quite intrigued by several other items on the menu. (It stinks being a small person trying to eat by yourself!)

      The happy hour wine selections were kind of "eh." I should have just gotten a glass of wine off the regular menu, but I went with a pinot noir that was, well, unobtrusive. The full wine list looked quite good but I was a little spooked by their wine storage system, or should I say lack thereof. The by-the-glass bottles were just sitting out on the counter, which doesn't bode well for getting quality wine by the glass in a restaurant that isn't super busy. The beer list was quite modest, not a problem in a place that bills itself as a wine bar; at least they had a couple of varieties of Dogfish, which might be enough to get Mr. travelmad478 in the door.

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        I was there last week and I loved everything I had. Im a seafood fanatic so I had to get the seabass of course and I must say it was the best one so far. It came with a blackberry sauce which at first stroke me as peculiar but it did wonders bringing all the flavors together. Ppl at my table got ceviches and other meat dishes, everyone was happy. The wine selection is extensive and if you do know what you like is hard to be disappointed. I think i would definitely come back in an especial occasion since the atmosphere is so private and romantic.

      2. Peruvian place called Chicken House on the Newark end of Kirkwood Hwy is pretty good for NCC.

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            I had a lunch there that was tasty. I've only been once.

            Does it usually suck?

            1. re: sal_acid

              It did when I went there once except for the maduros.

              Even worse, I never had a meal anywhere where not one single used plate, from appetizer to dessert dishes, were not removed from the table during the course of a meal. Good thing we didn't order two desserts...we would have no place to fit the plate.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                the service did suck when i was there.

                Oh well.

          2. re: sal_acid

            I like that restaurant a lot. They have great meal selections and all of it tastes really great. As for the plates not being cleaned up, that never happened to me when i went there the past 3 times (all in the month of May). Also you could just tell me to remove the plates...

            1. re: bouquetoflife

              I am lost! Is that a language issue or humor on your part, a comprehension issue on mine, or do you just work there? :/

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Maybe he likes it so much that even as a customer he'll bus your table for you? :)

                1. re: RC51Mike

                  That thought did cross my mind. Wonder if he/she ever eats at El Diablo? Having my table bussed there would work for me.

          3. Taste of Puebla is a new Mexican place on the outskirts of West Grove, PA. Those who read my every word will know that I'm no fan of mexican food, but this one seems better than most after one visit.

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            1. re: sal_acid

              Thanks--that sounds good, and not too far from me, either. We need to get back to Michoacana Taqueria, too (downtown Kennett). And there is another Mexican place on Baltimore Pike in Kennett that we hit last year and vowed to go back to...looks like I know what I am eating next weekend!