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Apr 9, 2013 12:04 PM

Good for a group in SF

I'll be visiting in late April for four days with some college friends--there will be five of us. We've got Saturday night dinner plans (St. Vincent), we're planning to go to the Ferry Market at some point, and maybe take a taco stroll in the Mission on Saturday afternoon. I'm looking for suggestions for dinner or lunch options. Cheap is always great, but we can have a fancy meal or two. Also would love thoughts on whether Slanted Door would be a good choice. We're from all around the country, but none of us are from SF, so anything that's unique to SF would be fun for us. Thanks for any help.

Editing to add: I know this is a really common type of question on SF Chowhound. I've done some searching, and have come across some helpful threads, especially this one:, but I'm hoping for some advice given that we'll have a bigger group. We're staying in the Nob Hill area, if that makes any difference.

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  1. Bar Tartine does a great pre fixe for large groups. We had a birthday dinner there and had a very good time.

    1. Five's not really a big group, you could pretty much go anywhere. The cutoff where you need to have a special menu and pay a service charge is six or more at most places.

      1. Maybe instead of Slanted Door (which I do like, but it is not a "good value") you could try another Asian cuisine like Thai at Lers Ros, or Burmese at Mandalay or Chinese on the edge of Chinatown at R&G Lounge where you can get the fried salt&pepper crab (for each place, do a bit of research on what is recommended), or a dim sum place in Chinatown, and for each of these places the advantage of a larger group is you get to order and try many items.

        1. We've had several "large" group gatherings at Radio Africa & Kitchen ( You can check out the well priced menu on their website. We always had the tasting menu and everyone raves about the food. Talk to chef/owner Eskender, he'll toss in a 15-20% discount!

          1. Thank you all for the tips. Would appreciate any comments on the tentative itinerary:

            Saturday lunch: Ferry Market (somewhere--assuming we'll just find some places that look good.

            Saturday dinner: St. Vincent

            Sunday breakfast: ThoroughBread

            Sunday lunch: House of Nanking or Yank Sing

            Sunday dinner: Foreign Cinema

            Monday breakfast: not sure

            Monday dinner: Barbacco or Lers Ros or La Taqueria (I realize this is all over the map)

            Tuesday breakfast: not sure

            Nights on the town: possibly stopping by the Tonga Room or Smuggler's Cove? Would also be interested in locations that might be able to accommodate 40-year-olds trying to relive college glory days through awkward but enthusiastic dancing.