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Apr 9, 2013 11:38 AM

Seattle for Babymoon

Coming to Seattle for a little weekend geaway before we have our first baby. We've been many times, love the city. Havent been in while so I'm wondering where might be good to go for a nice dinner. Don't want anything to outrageous in price. like bustling places that are fun. Normally we stick around Belltown, maybe a trip to Ballard. This time we are in Capitoal Hill at a B&B and are looking for some more interesting areas of the city to explore.

Thinking on Sitka and Spruce, Walrus and Carpenter, Book Bindery, Boat Street Cafe, Whale Wins, Staple and Fancy, Nook for brunch, Canon for a good whiskey.Obviously don't have time for all that, so help me filter.

Also thinking about new areas of the city to go. Wallingford? Greenwood? Lake CIty? West Seattle? One thing I love about Portland is the variety of the neighbourhoods outside of downtown, whatchu got Seattle?

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  1. Unfortunately I'm going to add to your list of choices instead of take away from it!

    On Capitol Hill I heartily recommend ginger beer-based cocktails at Montana. Rachel's ginger beer is FANTASTIC (whether mixed with alcohol or not) and I consider it a Seattle "must have." And if "bustling" is what you're looking for, you'll probably find it there.

    Skillet seems to get a lot of "love it or hate it;" I think their breakfasts are really good, their burgers very tasty (be quite firm with them about how you want it cooked). Upscale diner food served by hipsters and therefore sort of quintessentially Capitol Hill. Another good place for drinks & bustle.

    If you want something with a little less bustle on Cap Hill, I also recommend Arabica Lounge ( ). I haven't had food other than pastries but I hear it's good (the baked goods definitely are). Nice ambiance. Coffee, wine, beer, food. An often over-looked gem.

    Of the places you've mentioned I ADORE Walrus & Carpenter and it's one of the few "MUSTS" when I'm back for a visit this weekend. I'm considering Whale Wins and/or Boat Street and Canon as well (haven't been to any of them...yet). I went to Nook once and it was good but not great. I enjoyed it but am not sure I'd go out of my way for it.

    1. I just realized that it's Seattle Restaurant Week. Looks like a lot of things are booked!

      Here's what I',m thinking so far
      HH Saturday - ??
      Dinner Sat - Quinns Gastropub
      Brunch Sunday- Boat Street Cafe
      HH Sunday - Walrus and Carpenter
      Dinner - Somewhere in Ballard? Golden Beetle? Bastille? or head over to Freemont for Revel or Whale Wins?
      Monday Breakfast - Skillet Diner

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        I'd skip Golden Beetle - just went and was really disappointed. The best thing was the Baba Ganoush which you can easily get at any Middle Eastern restaurant.

        1. re: schraminvan

          Good list; but I would sub Monday breakfast at Toulouse Petit, then a walk around either upper queen ann hill (there is a great new olive oil shop up there, and some fun shops), or a stroll across Seattle Center to look up the space needle.

          1. re: schraminvan

            I'd take Revel over Golden Beetle or Bastille (or most other restaurants in Seattle for that matter. Short Rib dumplings!).

          2. If you've already done Ballard, consider West Seattle for an afternoon, particularly if the sun peeks out. Alki and Lincoln Park are both great for walks along the water, and Bakery Nouveau is worth a visit. Ma'ono is very good for dinner, and their Restaurant Week menu actually looks really interesting - hearts of palm salad and kalua pork lettuce wraps. I dined there a few days ago and had the grilled trout with herbs from the regular menu, delicious!

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            1. re: babette feasts

              +1 with Babette on coming to West Seattle (we both live over here, and are a bit, um, biased).

              Nice view back to the city from over here, and the 'Junction' neighborhood is a nice stroll with a few interesting shops. One of Seattle's only independent record stores left is here also - Easy Street Records. You might run into Dave Grohl there - he lives in West Seattle as well.:)

            2. Fried Chicken & Whiskey, sounds like my slice of heaven! ..and a new Seattle environ to check out? Might have to definitely make a stop there. RW menu looks good, but no fried chicken... maybe on Saturday

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              1. re: schraminvan

                The last time I went to Ma'Ono, we got the fried chicken (1 whole, cut into 10 pieces), added oysters to our kimchi, and added a vegetable side and it was amazing. We also had leftovers for days (there was only two of us). I would go back and order the same thing alone if only to have the fried chicken to munch on for breakfast for a week.

                1. re: Brunhilde

                  They now offer fried chicken in whole or half orders, perfect for those of us who don't tend to dine out with the whole extended family! I might even get around to trying it, if I can ever resist the trout or the pork entree.

              2. I would suggest to stay away from Lake City if you're wanting to wander. West Seattle, Queen Anne, South Lake Union are much better areas. All three areas would be great if the sun came out. All have fun places to pop in and have a meal. Queen Anne and West Seattle both have great bakeries.