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Apr 9, 2013 11:06 AM

New Food Trucks

What new local food trucks have folks had the chance to try so far this year?

Had the pleasure of trying the new Fugu truck today. Enjoyed my grilled pork belly buns and kimchi bulgogi panini -- the cheesy panini reminds me a bit of Roxy's short rib grilled cheese with kimchi for some nice added flavor, although it didn't add texture, and similarly a bit heavy for lunch. Grilled pork belly buns have good flavor, could stand to put the sauce on both sides of the buns to avoid a touch of dryness. They need to work out the kinks in their ordering system, but the food is definitely ready for food truck prime time.

I also tried the Sweet Tomatoes pizza truck yesterday. I like their thin crust semi-Neapolitan pizza, and they do a good job of matching the quality of their brick and mortar locations. One proviso, which applies to their other locations as well - the pizza has to be eaten immediately. It's so thin, it doesn't seem to retain any heat beyond five seconds. It might help to order your slice extra hot. Slice of the day was (breaded) eggplant ricotta.

BoneDaddy Burgers sold out yesterday very quickly, maybe by 1 pm?

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  1. I checked out the fugu truck the other day too. Really liked the sesame noodles. Will be a great hot weather meal. I'll definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu, which is quite limited now- I hope it expands. They seem like very nice people and hopefully this truck will be a hit once word gets around.

    1. I've hit up a couple.

      I really enjoyed the Taco Party truck. I am not a vegetarian but I enjoy well prepared meat substitutes. I tried all 3 of their tacos and I would say that the T Party taco was my favorite. I think vegetarians and carnivores will both like it.

      I also tried The Pasta Pot. Typically before trying a food truck I like to develop a plan for what I would like to try, but for some reason The Pasta Pot does not seem to have any online information available. Though weary, I headed to the truck hoping for a take on chicken parm or some Italian American wonder. It was upon getting in front of the truck I realized I had zero interest in what they had to offer. Their most adventurous offering was some kind of meatball combo. Frankly I didn't want to get anything from them, but I was the only person there and I felt sad for them. I ordered just pasta and sauce. The pasta was over cooked (granted, serving perfect pasta from a food truck can't be easy) and the red sauce was a little too simple and flavorless. I personally won't be returning.

      1. I really liked the Fugu truck the other day; also had the grilled pork belly buns. Agree that sauce on both sides would be an improvement.

        It was a tough choice between that and the panini and cold noodles. Looking forward to trying those.

        At 11:20, I was customer #2 so didn't have any ordering issues.