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Apr 9, 2013 10:52 AM

Midpriced restaurants near Union Station for drinks and dinner

Hello, there will be three ladies out for an evening of wining and dining but don't want to spend too, too much. Any suggestions for something decent in the walkling area of Union Station? Many thanks!

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    1. Biff's, John & Sons or Mercatto. Richmond Station,, if you don't mind walking a little further to Yonge & Richmond. Starfish is a good restaurant within a 20 minute walk of Union Station.

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      1. re: prima

        Second Biff's and Mercatto. Starfish is one of my favourites but it is a good hike at Jarvis and Adelaid.

          1. re: prima

            Richmond station is great and the walk really isn't that far imo.

          2. Origin is a 5-10 minute walk away and absolutely lovely.

            1. I love all the suggestions, but maybe I should have really emphasized the not spending too much. These restaurants are a wee too expensive, any other suggestions? Thanks so much!

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                Well, there's the Marche right around the corner from Union. The food is nothing spectacular, but it's not bad and I don't think there's anything over $15 or so.

                1. re: Michael N

                  I always feel gouged at Marche. Ice cream in a waffle cone came to almost $8 last summer, including their silly service fee that applies to take-out ice cream cones, as well as everything else.

                2. re: karendianne

                  Can you give a price range?
                  You might consider C'est What, Irish Embassy or O+B Grill.
                  Most of the places near Union that would be cheaper are chains on Front or on the Esplanade, which aren't that much cheaper than Mercatto.
                  If the chain menu prices work better for you, The Fox, Jack Astor's, Biermarkt and the Keg are within walking distance of Union, as are some cheaper chains such as East Side Mario's, Spring Rolls, Casey's, Fran's and Lonestar.

                  If you want mains that are under $18, you might be better off taking the subway to the Danforth, or heading to a place like Marcello's on St Clair West or Fusilli on Queen E.

                3. Sukho Thai's newish location is a 10 minute walk from Union Station according to Google maps. 52 Wellington East . Never been myself but definitely gets solid reviews

                  What is the actual price range you are looking for? Midpriced is different for different people :)