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Apr 9, 2013 10:16 AM

Does anyone remember an Italian restaurant in Elmwood Park?

It used to be on Rt. 46 next to a Dunkin Donuts. Then it moved to a place in a residential neighborhood surrounded by homes. It had a private parking lot. Excellent food at reasonable prices. After it moved it tried to go upscale and didn't survive. They always served hot italian peppers as a complimentary plate. Realy hot peppers. What was it's name?

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  1. Are you talking about Trovato's. They are closed in EP but have a location in Oakland

    1. no. trovato's closed a few months ago. this place moved off rt. 46 about 10 ago. it was open in the residential area for about 3 years and has been closed for over 5 years.

      1. What was in the spot Trovato's in used to be Carnival Spot. A GREAT Italian restaurant and then they moved down 46 to another spot semi residential and only lasted a couple of years. The reason we think was because the chef - owner stopped cooking and worked the front of the house. The food was good, but, no longer great. I don't know if that's the restaurant you were thinking of.

        1. Foro Italico....Lucy was a bitch and her son was a snooty wine guy.

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            thanks. was going nuts trying to remember. a mind is a terrible thing to lose. i don't remember lucy but her son was a little pretentious. when they moved, there were tuxes and black tie staff. he said he used to work at babbo and was trying for the babbo vibe. not quite, but i always liked that place. not too many places serve offal, even tripe. it's too bad when a place tries to be what it isn't. i feel the same way about arturo's. in midland park. 20 years ago it was a nice family run byob. they always tried to upsell - pushing the overpriced specials and asking if you want a tricolore salad without telling you a salad was included in the meal. but the food was always good. when they expanded and added the bar, it wasn't the same. it still gets good reviews but i just couldn't tolerate it anymore. even after i had been there 20 times, no reservations accepted but if uncle johnny's friend came he got the table before me. still, they are still open so they must be doing something right.

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              Don't get me started on Arturo' the old BYOB, they wore the tuxedos too as I recall. I used to laugh when they would bring the pasta out of the kitchen in a it on the butane burner that had no flame...swish it around for about 10 seconds and then plate that was pretentious.

              I used to go to Foro Italico on Elm every Tuesday night with friends to see the barmaid...Our bill was always over $200 which was considerable back in the day......the last time we went, our group of three were the only ones in the place as there was a blizzard and about two feet of snow fell quite quickly......Lucy did not even buy us a drink.

              Joey was a nice guy....his little brother Tony(?).....not so much.

              I miss Le Bistro.....

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                Ah Le Bistro (Elmwood Park) .... now THAT was a great Italian Restaurant!

          2. Are you referring to the place that was off of River Drive near the Marcal plant? It was on a corner of a residential street surrounded by private houses? I can't remember the name of it right now, but it served Italian/Continental food.