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Oct 1, 2001 05:19 PM

Quick trip to Austin

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I'm making a too quick trip down to Austin next week. I'd like some ideas for Mexican or tex Mex. Anything open after 7pm on a sunday night?

I am of course making a detour Monday for Lunch to Lockhart. Who knows maybe I'll get to try one of the places besides Kreutzs?


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  1. I guess if you are completely opposed to the best pork chops on the planet, you might try Black's Barbecue in Lockhart. Its' followers are legion and it is certainly respectable. I know quite a few who actually prefer it to Kreuz. Tex Mex on a Sunday night would probably lead me to Maudie's on South Lamar for a Tio-Chan plate. Think excellent enchiladas with three different gloriously goopy sauces. Also, Trudy's is open on Sundays with the always excellent Mexican martinis and the incredible stuffed (with a spiced chicken mixture) avacados, which are fried and topped with an excellent green chile sauce. Outrageous!

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      A trip to Black's is worth it on its own merits. Chisolm Trail would be good in most areas but is definitely second (or worse) fiddle in Lockhart. Don't overlook the City Market in Luling which is just a few miles farther down Hwy 183. The brisket and links are first rate. Haven't tried the ribs.


    2. For the largest (and best) breakfast tacos, check out Juan in a Million on the "east side" of Austin, on Ceasar Chavez. Chances are Juan will be there to greet you. Tell him Peter sent you. If you eat more than 5.75 tacos (the current record), you'll get your mug posted next to mine.