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Tipping and Tooting

Has this ever happened to anyone? "What is the proper tipping etiquette when a fart is involved?"

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    1. Nope, it has never happened to me....but I know am juvenile enough to burst out laughing.

      1. That is absolutely a riot. And a very nice discussion about tipping to boot. Thanks for sharing!

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        1. Well, it seems that it was a "freep," and not a "flugablast," so a 5% deduction should be adequate. For a flugablast, then a 10% deduction would be required by the Geneva Convention by-laws.


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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Lord Windismere I presume.

            Grab the post proudly. And no fringe allowed.

          2. "Fart proudly!' said Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Farters.

            1. I would lay 5-1 odds that their attitude would be different if their food server was a tattooed ex-con biker named Bubba.

              1. One of the comments made concerning this video were directed at L.A. Reid "enjoying the smell of a good fart". See him at 1:39 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0t8a... and then tip accordingly.

                1. Let's remember that there's a reason that farts smell: It's so deaf people can enjoy them, too.

                  1. Longtime Oatmeal fan here. Here's another one about good old fashioned home cooking: