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Apr 9, 2013 09:12 AM

Which brands of coconut milk are emulsified?

I'm looking for coconut brands that are emulsified, ie they don't separate into a solid cream layer but rather stay like milk. Just to save time on the trial and error, which brands do you know off hand that are emulsified?

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  1. emulsifying adds more processing steps and stabilizers. just shake the can. :)

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      Yes, you don't want it if it is emulsified, it will be filled with guar gum, xanthum gum, carrageenan, etc. if you are using this for cooking. Unless you are looking for this emulsified stuff for some science experiment or because you like the added gums.

      Go for brands with no additives aside from the required stabilizer/preservative like Chaokoh or Aroy-D. (Unless you make your own milk, cuz the canned brands have this.) Just shake up the can when you are ready for use. If you want really creamy stuff go for the same brands of coconut cream instead of still have to shake the can with that, too.

    2. Just make your own in a blender, as needed. All you need is unsweetened dried coconut and hot water.

      1. Just to clarify for people telling me to just use the blender, I like to use coconut milk as a quick and easy non-dairy creamer in my drinks and stuff, like people use evaporated or condensed milk a little at a time. It's just annoying to have to blend or shake (and you can't shake it after it's opened) each time I just want a cup of tea or other drink (and if it's a cold drink it just floats around in lumps). I don't mind the regular stuff for cooking, but for creamer purposes I just want something I can punch a hole in and pour a little bit at a time. Please answer with some brand names if you know of them, I'm not going to make a batch of my own coconut milk for every cup of tea/drink I make.

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          (and you can't shake it after it's opened)
          You can if you transfer it to a glass jar with a lid (or even a squeeze bottle to make pouring easier) and store it that way.

          But if you'd really rather use a product with additives instead of giving it a shake each time, Thai Kitchen & Taste of Thai both contain guar gum.

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            when i open the can, i transfer the remainder to a little tupperware sippy bottle kinda thing. shake, squeeze out what i need next time. return to fridge.


          2. Ive never used a brand that was emulsified

            1. can't speak to full-fat (which i rarely use), but i have used trader joe's light (still 99-cents after all these years:) in tea, and never had an issue with separation.