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Apr 9, 2013 09:04 AM

Best Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown

I'm taking my 13 year old niece to NYC this weekend and would like to know what are some of the "better" Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. I know there are a lot, but I am looking for people's actual experiences.

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  1. If you are going there for Lunch - I would recommend getting Dim Sum at Nom Wah. Go early or late afternoon, they get busy especially over the weekend.

    Don't really do dinners in Chinatown. Are you looking for any particular type of Chinese food?

    1. Lunch would be preferable. We are going down to the 9/11 Memorial and I wanted to stop in Chinatown on the way. Cheap, good chinese is what I'm looking for. Dim Sum at Nom Wah sounds great. Thanks.

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        Nam Wah isn't really the typical dimsum experience, but is quite good. Nearby is NY Noodletown whiceh I always find wonderful and certainly kid friendly (if very crowded and bustly). FYI, Congee Village is currently my go to place for more fancy dinners. It is not the greatest restaurant in Chinatown, but it is a good and reliable experience, suitable for large crowds nd private parties, has a full bar (rare in Ctown) , has a fun ambience, and some of the dishes are wonderful.

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          I'd recommend lunch at Golden Unicorn for a much more exciting atmosphere and better dim sum experience than Nom Wah.

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            Nam Wah is old style dim sum - the kind that my 90 years old grandma use to take me as a kid. The kind of dim sum that's considered a lost art in Hong Kong. It bring me a real taste of home. They steam and cook their food in small batches and usually steam it when you place your order.

            The type of dim sum at Golden Unicorn is the cheaper, low end, packed with MSG. Always a little mushy from over steaming served in a large banquet hall.

            They are both authentic and you will find similar things in Southern China, it's really a matter of preference.

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              I went to Nam Wah many many years ago when they only did dim sum ( we called it tea lunch) on Sundays. It was excellent and the first in Ctown. I went about a year ago , and thought the quality was poor, and didn't compare with Hop Shing or Golden Unicorn. I will try it again, as sometimes places have an off day, or perhaps they gave me dishes that weren't as fresh as they should have been.I'd say i'd go now , but its almost 2 Pm , a little late for best dim sum.

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              Ah, what an excellent compendium! Thanks so much, scoopgG!

            2. Any particular kind of Chinese food?

              If you don't have preferences in general, I would recommend either ShangHai HePing or Nodle Village, in that order. Food is very decent in both places, perhaps not the very best yet solid good.

              Strong points: waitstaff speak English and aren't overworked (i.e., not in a constant hurry), the dining room is clean and is not crowded (a function of layout).

              1. I would definitely recommend New (Nice) Green Bo on Bayard Street.

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                  I second this recommendation. The scallion pancake and the dumplings are delicious. The bakery a few doors down (Mei Li Wah) sells fantastic steamed barbeque pork buns.