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Sep 27, 2001 08:24 PM

Gulf oysters on the half shell

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Lubbock! I'll be in Lubbock all of next week. Is there a place I can get raw oysters at a reasonable price ($1.00 per, or less)? How about gourmet Mexican food? 'Hounds, please help me out.

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  1. Kent, sorry you didn't get a timely reply on your request. I don't know Lubbock (except to say that it's best to be upwind of the stockyards) but there have been discussions about Lubbock eating on this board in the past. As for gulf oysters, I wouldn't expect to find any kind of raw seafood of real quality in west Texas. Best of luck, and try the search engine or a google search.

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      I found great raw oysters on ice at Lone Star Oyster Bar & Grill in Lubbock: about $6.50/doz, but on Tuesdays, only $3.90/doz!! I'll be back there in December to get my fill again. Keep shuckin' Tex, I ain't full yet!!