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Apr 9, 2013 07:25 AM

BoneDaddy Burgers food truck report

So gave these guys a try yesterday and was overall pretty happy with the results. I ordered the white boy burger, no tomato (I hate wet bread, and tomatos seem only to sog up the works IMHO), french fries and a fresh lemonade. total $11.

The burger was quite good, cooked to medium (a temp was never requested, so I'm guessing their policy is no rare/medium rares, just medium...which I'm cool with if the burger can stay juicy), and it was a nice medium. The burger had an excellent crust on it from the grill, was a nice loose pack of meat so no puck like consistancy, and (Rchudy will be happy to hear this) a nice bit of well melted american cheese on top. Served with lettuce and a rather clumsily cut large slices of onion and a pickle on the side, I think it was pretty credible effort. The bread was I believe Iggy's ciabatta, but whatever it was, it was a good match for the burger.

The fries were a bit too salty, but that sort of thing happens sometimes, and would like to give them a second chance on that one to see if maybe someone just had an itchy trigger finger that day. The fries themselves were also a solid effort otherwise, handcut, nice size, nice portion, with some crispy ones mixed in with some not so much (I traveled a short distance with them, and that can happen when fries take a walk).

The only negative I can give for yesterdays visit was the lemonade, which while quite tasty, was VERY warm, like warmer than body temperature warm. I suspect some sort of logistical adjustments need to be made to their operation to get this right, but I hesitate to pay two dollars for warm lemonade in the future, I hope they get that worked out.

I might just hit them up again today and try the hot dog, which sounds pretty freaking decedant and awesome (bacon wrapped, deep fried, covered in cheese and doctor just felt a disturbance in the force!), so if I do I will give an update.

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  1. Where is this truck? I looked at the site and all it lists is the go fish truck

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    1. re: Locutus

      It is in Back Bay today (Wednesday). Full schedule for Boston food trucks can be found here:

      1. re: gooch

        am I missing something or does that link with the schedule leave out the Dewey Square trucks?

        1. re: Gordough

          I wondered this too when I was looking at truck options for lunch the other day. Maybe because they're on the Greenway, and thus controlled by a different bureacracy?

          1. re: Gordough

            It leaves out the greenway and the Cambridge and the Brookline.

            Better coverage here of a larger area here:

            And, I use the Street Food Boston app to see who is at their location.


      2. On a side note, I was Very Impressed to see the chart below that tells folks where trucks wlll be! When some cities are still ranting and raving about allowing food trucks, Boston has actually made it easy for folks to find them. Kudos to whoever thought it up!

        1. Gave the hot dog a go yesterday. It was a solid dog, big, about the size of Speeds, or maybe a bit smaller, but a big dog on a respectable bun. They don't have mustard at this time, and since it's a crime against humanity and nature to put ketchup on a dog, I did without, which is unfortunate as some mustard, even the yellow kind, would have helped brighten up the dog. Not that it was bad, it just cried out for the tang of mustard is all, as all good dogs do. The fries were far less salty than the day before, and were crispier too due to the shorter walk to Post Office Square on tuesday (they were parked across the street from the park yesterday), so I can heartedly recomend those to anyone looking for a good fry in downtown Boston. All in all, until the mustard situation is cleared up (guy at the counter told me they are looking for a local specialty mustard, not just an over the counter solution, so patience) i would go for the burger for the time being.

          1. I dont think the first linked schedule is that accurate, at least for Back Bay.

            It says Redbones is supposed to be out our office window on Tuesdays and they never show.

            It says Bone Daddy is supposed to be there on Fridays but generally the Chicken and Rice guys are there that day.

            Some weird pizza truck is there once in awhile, too.

            And the Trinity Place location has gotten more random, too.

            Maybe it was just the winter ......