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Apr 9, 2013 06:57 AM

Sydney - what's new?

We are going to Sydney for a week - we used to live there a couple of years ago - so my current list is Chat Thai, Spice I am, Gumshara ramen, and the cheesecake from the italian bakery that is close to the cheese shop that has La Tur and the chocolate shop next door. Will also get laksa at malay-chinese.

maybe a stop at cafe julia after white rabbit art. maybe atelier on Glebe Pt rd.

any new great coffee places? will stop in mecca in the cbd. and toby's and campos.

considering going to lakemba for lebanese food.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. lebanon and beyond in Randwick is my fave..better than Jasmins.

    coffee...lots of great new spots...I really like Marlowe and Co. in CBD ...also REuben Hills in Surry Hills.

    good reports f new pizza place in cna check urbanspoons top 10 list for other stuff have you ever had bourke st bakery's lamb and harissa sausage roll....amazing !