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Apr 9, 2013 06:08 AM

final plans. for next week

hey guys finalizing plans and have reservations for the following. please give me your input on add/drops. this is my second trip and will be moving to austin in two months so i hope to hit lots of places over the next x amount of years, that being said, looking for a great time with wife as its the first vacation of the year. staying at the kimber modern if anyone has input on this hotel. i traveled to austin last year and theres just a couple places i have to go again.
been to (lenoir, B&S, F&D, Olivia, Wink, Uchi, Uchiko, la condesa)
current trip

Monday lunch epicerie/ dinner sway
Tues lunch clarks/ dinner uchiko
wed lunch hopfields/ dinner lenoir
thurs lunch kome/ dinner fabi and Rosi

thanks for input

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  1. Not sure where you are coming from, but you are missing TexMex. After eating at uchiko, kome is going to be a real letdown which I would skip.

    I've been to dinner a couple of times at fabi and rosi & was not really impressed. I think you should substitute & add Barley Swine...easily the best restaurant in Austin in my opinion.

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    1. re: topeater

      have been to B&S, truely amazing place. Where would you go for a great tex-mex experience?

      1. re: oliviafoodie

        I'm partial to Habanero Cafe for Tex Mex. Oltorf between South Congress and South First.

        1. re: Homero

          I enjoy Ze Tejas for Tex Mex. If you are on a short time-frame I think it's a slam dunk.

    2. substitue John Mueller bbq, LA bbq or Hopdoddy for Kome, add coffee at Houndstooth, a croissant from Easy Tiger, breakfast bahn mi from Elizabeth Street Cafe with an iced Vietnamese coffee

      You will have a great time.

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      1. re: SlickTheCat

        Thanks for input. I think I will go to Easy Tiger/ ESC for breakfast. Thanks. Ive been to ESC for lunch and loved it. Thinking about xing kome for La BBQ. Whats your thought on Fabi and Rosi? Im getting mixed reviews. But Menu and ambiance look nice.

        1. re: oliviafoodie

          Even if you do add Houndstooth, have the coffee at Epicerie. They use Blue Bottle, which is great stuff.

          1. re: Homero

            went to Epicerie for dinner last night and checked out their "grocery" items. I was taken aback by how old their bags of coffee were - one dated back to March 4, 2013.

            1. re: topodrinko

              First time I went, I really loved the grilled cheese and soup combo. Second time I went, they missed the mark (same dish). I love the patio, so I'll give them a few more tries.

              Fabi and Rosi on a nice day outside is really nice. I'm totally in love with the muscles.

              1. re: amysuehere

                we ended up at epicerie when billy's on burnet was too crowded.

                i thought the tomato soup tasted a little bit like refrigerator and smelled like spaghetti-o's. the steak portion was well sized and cooked consistently medium rare, but maybe it was sous-vide too long.. the texture was very soft and almost mealy.

                also - maybe i'm a cheapskate, but i thought the sandwiches were overpriced considering they were not served with any sides.

                i'll give them a few more tries, though, too.

                1. re: topodrinko

                  Try the grilled cheese at Blue Star cafeteria. It's very good, they serve it with a really nice chutney.

                  1. re: topodrinko

                    re: epicerie. My experience at brunch wasn't great either, but it was in the first month they were open. I like the concept enough to give it one more try, but hopefully someone chimes in with a fantastic report soon.

                2. re: topodrinko

                  Hmm, technically whole coffee beans if stored in a valve sealed bag will remain "fresh" for up to three months if stored in proper conditions, but personally I don't like to wait that long. I am surprised they wouldn't FIFO their stock.