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Theatre district lunch

Reasonable cost?

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  1. silvertone, montien, penang, pho pasteur.

    1. Dumpling Cafe, jm Curley, Xinh Xinh, Stoddard's (Thu-Fri only).


      1. Last week I got the grilled fish tacos from appetizer menu at Rock Bottom. That and a house red beer, really great.

        1. My usual cheap lunch spot is New Shanghai. Ate there today in fact.

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            Lunchtime mapo tofu from New Shanghai a few weeks ago: wicked ma la!


            1. There is a new spot called Abby Lane. The food is great and service is wonderful. They have small plates that you can order to keep the cost down, and what I appreciate is you can order how many sliders you want, so you're not overpaying for an order of three - you can just order one.
              They have great flatbread pizzas and a really varied menu.
              Will also ditto that Chinatown is close by with so many options and I also like the Malaysian restaurant Penang.

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              1. re: snowcone

                my experience at abby lane was so dreadful, the food and wine list both so uninspired, i will never go back. it felt like a mid-western strip mall restaurant.

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Having walked by the other day and scanned the menu, I would never have guessed that Jason Santos of Dedo, Gargoyles, and Blue Inc. had anything to do with Abby Lane.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    we went specifically because of santos. i was shocked at the overall mediocrity. he is stooping to the lowest of common denominators for a captive pre-theater demographic.

                    i see plays in that neighb often. too bad.

              2. Mei Sum for a Bahn Mi (too cheap?).

                1. Intermission Tavern on Tremont Street? I have only been there for a dinner after a comedy show at the Wilbur, but it was good and I didn't think too pricey.

                  We sat at the bar. I would go back if I was in that area for a show again.

                  You would have to check to see if they do lunch. I don't know.