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Apr 8, 2013 11:29 PM

brunch/lunch buffets, prefer Burnaby or east Vancouver

I am charged with arranging a birthday party for my mother. 25 guests, including 2 pre-school age children. 8 of the guests are over 70. Dad has expressed a preference for a buffet, although "not Chinese buffet".
Has anyone eaten at the Grand Villa Casino or Metrotown Hilton? Other suggestions?
Event is in 2 weeks. Sunday.

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  1. Sherman's done his share of buffets reviews:

    I've heard good things of Grand Villa's "The Buffet" from some friends of ours who are scrupulous diners.

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      I haven't had the Villa's buffet..but I tried their salmon off the menu and it was pretty poor. Clearly frozen, and a fishy taste. The side of grilled vegetables was as bad as you could make them. The salmon I had at Edgewater casino was much better, even though it came all the way from the buffet there, though.

    2. Guest count, in the end, was 28, at the River Rock Casino. We were able to book the Chairman's/VIP room, and were comfortably arranged at 4 round tables. Guests all expressed high satisfaction with the space and the food. Even the fussy eaters were happy with the selection, which included: omlette and waffle stations, chilled shellfish, banquet roast beef, various tasty salads, chow mein, 2 dimsum items, eggs benny, breakfast meats, wonton soup, fresh fruits, yogurts, various baked dessert items, and two seemingly gluten free dessert items.
      The choice of venue definitely suited our purposes.

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        Very Cool-Thanks for posting back!