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Apr 8, 2013 09:20 PM

Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 4

Quickfire: Make doughnuts for Devin Connell (Paulette's Original Donuts & Chicken). It's a high-stakes quickfire with a special twist: Draw knives to determine which mandatory ingredient each chef must use in their doughnut. Some challenging ingredients: wasabi, seaweed, pork floss, kimchi.
On top: Becky, Nicole and Chris C.
On the bottom: Kayla, Geoff and Daniel.
And the winner is Chris C. He gets $5,000, immunity and is one of the team captains for the Elimination challenge. He also gets to pick the other team captain - and he chooses Kayla.

Elimination: The chefs must work in two teams to cater a meal for the GTA Roller Girls.

Chris C.'s team: Team "Rusty Cleavers". Chris (shank) picks Matt (the strip), Becky (short rib), Caity (the blade), Chris S. (sir loin) and Rory (the chuck).

Kayla's team: Team "Chefs of Anarchy". Kayla (K Dizzy) picks Danny (Old Dirty Smiles), Nicole (Notorious NIC), Daniel (Fiddy Pence), Geoff (G Force) and Jonathan (Jonny Fire).

Guest judge: Elizabeth Faulkner. Guest diner: Trish Stratus. The men can't stop grinning like fools.

They call Chris C. and Kayla to Judge's table. The judges tell Chris C. his team is the winning team and that Becky has the winning dish. Too bad Becky doesn't get to go out and get her pat on the back from the judges.
The judges tell Kayla that her team is the losing team and that she must choose two others from her team to join her at Judge's table.
Kayla and Chris go to the stew room and share the good and bad news.

Kayla returns to JT alone. She tells the judges that she takes responsibility for her team. Lisa sends her home.

Interesting. Curious how Kayla falls on the sword just like Kristen did on Top Chef Seattle. And roller derby, also like TC. And the preview for next week shows Mark McEwan cooking in the Quickfire, just like Tom C did.

I feel like Kayla did the honorable thing. Though she might not have the worst dish, she didn't have a good dish and she didn't lead her team. I think she realized that the competition was not right for her and decided to take the fall.

I love Elizabeth Faulkner but the tasting seemed awkward and the talk stilted. I expect that from McEwan but it has been better this season up until now. And a fail to whoever did her makeup, no red lipstick please! She always looked so good on TC Masters and Next Iron Chef because she looked natural! Sorry to digress but it disturbed me.

I'm pleasantly surprised by Chris S. I had him pegged as a typical "all talk" juvenile male, with his constant sex talk etc. but he has been cooking good food.

I'm also a bit surprised by Chris C. Maybe he's starting to get into his groove, though I still think he's still doing a bit of his "everything but the kitchen sink" thing. I was surprised that he won the Quickfire. His doughnut seemed to have too many ingredients. But the judge liked it so it must have tasted good.

Not seeing much from Matt. Started strong but he's been in the middle lately. Also expected more of a showing from Danny and Rory, based mostly on their bosses but they are not making much of a showing.

Looking forward to watching Mark McEwan cook next week.

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  1. Kayla did the right thing. I'm sure she's a good cook but she had so many bad days on the show that she knew what had to be done. Classy exit.

    Does Becky creep anyone else out?

    Also, Nicole's voice sounds like a character from Bob's Burgers and she is awesome.

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    1. re: piano boy

      I actually like Becky. I noticed a couple times they seem to be trying to get some dirt on her, but the worst they've come up with is that she's super healthy. I like that she's so far stayed away from the drama and just gotten her stuff done.

    2. I agree that Kayla leave the show last eve - however very disappointed with the reaction of the judges - they basically allowed the contestants to take control of the show and throw her under the bus - none of her "TEAMMATES" chose to accompany her back to the judging table - this was a TEAM event - Kayla did not loose this round on her own and for the judges to sit there and allow this to happen was disgraceful - agree that Kayla failed the cooking contest but her teamates failed the test as human beings and the judges did nothing to correct the situation - the episode was more like Survivors than Top Chef - hopefully the Judges can regain control of the process next week. Everyone of her "teamates" should be reamed out for their actions or lack there of.

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      1. re: MichaelBsr

        someone's gotta go. it might as well be the most humiliated one

        1. re: MichaelBsr

          Oh Kayla. I don't know. I think she did the right thing, only because she had obviously had enough and was ready to leave. This allowed her to save face a bit. I know the judges went on about how big of a "sacrifice" it was, but I'm sure she wasn't thinking that in her head.

          On the other hand, it really was a bit cruel to do that to her. I know it was all pre-planned, and they couldn't predict who the losing team leader would be, but the fact that it was Kayla....ouch. Go and get your confidence back, Kayla.

          Nicole is quickly becoming my favourite. Funny & talented. Hope she's in it for a while.

          1. re: sgogo

            Yes! Rooting for Nicole here too.

        2. Kayla handled that gracefully and with real integrity. Good for her.

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          1. re: hal2010

            She did the right thing, but part of me wonders if it wasn't at least partly to save face. This way, she goes out looking good instead of being kicked out after repeatedly ending up on the bottom. And she wins over her teammates rather than pissing them off.