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Apr 8, 2013 08:58 PM

jarred salted shrimp =jarred thai shrimp paste?

Trying David Chang's Kim-chi. It calls for 2TBS of jarred salted shrimp and all I have is some jarred Thai shrimp paste. What should I do?????

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  1. Quick google search implied shrimp paste is Thai. As long as its just fermented shrimp with salt, it should be fine.

    I have some that has peanuts, garlic, which definitely wouldn't work.

    1. Shrimp paste has a very distinct flavor that I think would be aggressive in kimchi. I use fish sauce in place of salted shrimp for my kimchi without sacrificing any flavor.

      1. I think these are two very different products. The salted shrimp are just that: salty shrimps. They still taste distinctly shrimp-like. The Thai shrimp paste is a fermented product that has a distinctly funky taste. I do not think it is an acceptable substitute for the salted shrimps. I'd advise waiting to make the kimchi until you have the appropriate ingredient in your possession. You can leave it out of your recipe, but your kimchi will be totally different and potentially lacking in fullness of taste. Subbing in a fermented shrimp paste will likely overpower your kimchi with a pretty rank smell and fishy taste.

        1. Totally different.

          You can just skip the salted shrimp if you don't have it.

          1. Really and truly, Vegemite would be a better sub than the Thai shrimp. But use a bit less than 2T.